Green Ice Face

Ice cubes made from strong infusion of green tea - accessible and useful cosmetic facials.If the green ice regularly used for wiping the face, the skin will become soon the elasticity and the pores considerably narrowed.Moreover, it is very spectacular for oily and problematic skin.Over time, the skin becomes smooth, and on the cheeks sparkle with a gentle glow.

True to prepare the "right" of ice tea you need to know some tricks.

  • cooking tea should be a mineral water.Water from the tap is not fit unambiguously.
  • infusion should be very strong
  • procedure is best done in the morning
  • Taking tea ice out of the freezer, let it slightly melted


Ice wiping bring not only benefits, under certain conditions, it may cause harm to health.So please refrain from massage ice cubes, this applies not only made from tea, but also the rest of the frozen infusions, juices, tea leaves, and just water if you:

  • Cold
  • Problems with the thyroid gland.In this case, wipe the face and neck, nec
    k, keep warm
  • Outdoor winter
  • Severe dehydration and skin irritation
  • 's face badly marked vascular grid

recipe tonic ice

on two tablespoons of tea leavestake 150 grams of boiled water, pour, and insist that under the lid closed for five minutes.The leaves are a good squeeze, and the infusion is filtered through cheesecloth.After it has cooled, poured into molds for ice in the ice ready!

This infusion can be used not only to freeze.If it wet cosmetic cotton disks, and then chill them in the freezer, they can be used as a compress on the eyelids.This will save you from the bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Ledoterapiya of black tea

To save face fresh and beautiful, not only used the ice green tea.For this purpose, suitable decoctions and infusions of medicinal and aromatic herbs.For example, the course is black tea, parsley and chamomile.

usual parsley, you do not hesitate to add every day to eat, has a rejuvenating effect.In addition it will help to whiten the skin and smooth out fine wrinkles.But black tea on the contrary, will give your cheeks a faint blush.But Daisy is indispensable in inflamed, scaly skin.

Once you have rubbed the face, neck and chest area with ice, let the skin to dry yourself.Then wipe the face of cosmetic disk or a dry cloth.A circular motion, gently massaging.Only then apply your favorite day cream.

The secret to the success of the ice massage?

fact that the cold is very beneficial for the skin.Under its influence in the skin cells begin to actively exchange process.And this, in turn, reduces wrinkles and reduces swelling, giving the face a more healthy and youthful appearance.And as tea, especially green, has a powerful antioxidant effect, the effect of the cold is greatly enhanced.Furthermore, green tea is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects.And it helps in the fight against all kinds of inflammation and acne.So drink tea and be beautiful!If you have not decided on a favorite brand of coffee or tea, look Organo Gold reviews.