Makeup Shooter: classic and evening variant

Makeup Arrow has been and remains at the peak of popularity.It is made by creating different images: romantic, evening, and even business.If you decide to make a spectacular make-up, the shooter will help you achieve the perfect eyeliner.This cosmetic preparation is in liquid or solid state.Professionals use a liquid eyeliner.It requires a more confident hand and clear lines.If you are a beginner, it is best to use a well-sharpened pencil or eye liner.

Makeup Shooter: classic version

How to draw arrows to the image was perfect?First we need to prepare the face and eyes clean, moisturize and apply foundation.If your skin is oily eyelids, be sure to use the base for shadows.This way you ensure durability eyeliner on the eyelids.A small amount of tonal resources spread over the entire area of ​​the upper and lower eyelids.Do not forget the clear line of eyebrows, remove excess hair color and fill it if necessary.Finalize the person should be a dusting.Now take the eyeliner pencil or liner, then proceed

to draw arrows.Begin to lead the line from the outer corner to the inside, so you do not stretch the skin and provoke the appearance of wrinkles.Line arrows shall be as close to the lash line.Draw it only on the upper eyelid and make a thickness which is considered sufficient for your image.Typically, the needle wider at the outer edge of the eye and tapers to the inside.Recovering brush strokes with a tonal foundation to make the perfect makeup.Arrows (photo attached above) can be different: elongated, colored, narrow, wide, and so on.It all depends on what your eye shape, as well as your imagination.At the conclusion can be applied to the lips bright lipstick.An image of retro.

Evening make

Arrows makeup in the dark should be more contrasting.Drawing should be after the application of eye shadow.Once the skin is prepared, and the line of eyebrows is flawless, you can begin to eye makeup.Bright shimmering shade of shadow, apply to the inner corner of the eye.Matte shades of beige cover the entire eyelid and blend the border with the lighter shade.Dark shadows that are suitable for your eyes and evening dresses, put on mobile eyelid.Start from the outer corner and blend to the inside.Now you need to add to make arrows.Spend eyeliner line of moderate thickness from the outer edge to the inner eye.You can extend it to the temple, as well as draw the bottom line veka.Pomnite that shooters must stand out from the whole makeup.Then, in the middle of the upper eyelid applicative brush, apply a shimmering color for emphasis.This will make the bar look spectacular.Apply mascara, blush and lipstick to complete the image.Make-up with focus on the eyes suggests that the lips and cheeks are calm tones.Keep this in mind when choosing a palette.Makeup arrows ready for an evening out.