Makeup evening for green eyes, or how to become irresistible

apply makeup green-eyed females stylists definitely like.As a recognized master vizazhnogo art, this is a very pleasant, comfortable and convenient color.Its range is very wide: greenish-yellow;green with shades of gray;green-blue and turquoise.Grassy, ‚Äč‚Äčolive, walnut, emerald ... It goes well with most of the warm and neutral tones, and allows you to create a truly unique Make Up composition.

Selection shadows

Normal Do makeup, evening - for green eyes, there are certain rules that we are now sharing.

  • If you have difficulty in choosing the shadows, it is win-win all the options will be using the Browns.These are different shades of copper, chocolate, coffee with milk.Combinations of brown and dark green, with a focus on copper and gold look fabulously beautiful and stylish.They set off the natural color of your iris, it will add shine, warmth and softness, femininity.Woman, do yourself a make-up evening for green eyes, would seem a goddess, the descended to mere mortals, sexy, attractive.So if
    you decide to tint the lids so you can be sure: this is the right choice!
  • some bold, extravagant, perhaps, you will be a combination of plum, purple tones with a metallic element.They are more suited to ladies with dark green shades of the iris.If you want to make yourself a glamorous evening, for green eyes is nothing better, in fact, can not choose.Purple shadows, plum purple, lavender, fuchsia, even - and you gain a fantastic view, a deep and languorous.It must have been so looking Marsianka - mysterious, mesmerizing, and resist their charm impossible.
  • In its own spectacular, bright, brightly, boldly looks "coloring" with apricot, gold, copper colors.It is more consistent with a young woman with light skin and delicate blush.Right under such shadows take eyeliner brown or dark gray colors.Or a dark emerald green pencil with glitter.But remember that this is the make-up evening.For green eyes in the daytime it will be too bright.

Master class on the technique of applying

theorems, but the main vanity case, of course, practice.So remember that it is better not to use blue, blue and silver mosaic - they are not yours.Much more suitable different shades of green close to you.And black is not quite good - it will give a view stiffness, maybe even some old ones.Although evening makeup for green eyes allows some freedom and a departure from the rules.But get to work.On the face of applied foundation and blush, if they are using.Eyebrow comb and smooth with a special gel.Not only does it neatly back hair, and a little of their tint, making it more dense and expressive, and drawing - clearer.So how do you prepare for an evening out, should look bright.Because cook mosaic with purple hues.With them we will do our step by step makeup for green eyes.On the mobile eyelid applied purple mat, well pounded.Thin applicator type a little green with mother of pearl and rub on the outer upper corner, extending the line to the middle of the upper eyelid.Take a dark hue.And in the crease apply a strip of blue and also blend thoroughly, so that no more explicit boundaries.

now lower eyelid.It should bring the same green, then make a thin arrow shtrishkami dark pencil.Through such manipulations your eyes literally become fascinating.And for softness and tenderness in the inner corners of eyes, add a little white matte shadows.Complete the image of a romantic seductress lush lashes.

What else can I add?For evening makeup, use rhinestones, actively including them in its arsenal, various patterns (temporary tattoo) and always be beautiful!