Perfume "Gucci."

If you enjoy exquisite gourmet flavors, then you should certainly at least once to buy goods brand Gucci.For over a hundred years, the company associated with the word "chic."But in the early 20th century there was only a shop where things sewn leather.

history base

One tailor by the name of Gucci opened all their savings shop for the production of items made of leather (harness and luggage).And then I decided to found an entire company to produce clothes and shoes.Once he had the opportunity to work in expensive hotels in Paris and London.He was fascinated by the fine things of the rich.Therefore, with special trepidation Gucci Masters picked for their production.Cases of the company is rapidly gaining momentum.New stores were opened in large Italian cities - Milan, Rome.After some quarter of a century was a real Gucci brand.

company has been self-sufficient so that even during the war did not stop the production of luxury goods, though not of leather and made of cotton fabric.After the death of

the founder of all the affairs of the company refueled his three sons.The company grew, its name was "doomed" to success.

Perfume Line

natural phenomenon was the launch in 1970, one of the sons of Gucci perfume line.The long-awaited fragrance "Gucci" instantly became popular.But then began the differences between the brothers, which led the company to bankruptcy.The company Gucci - is the brainchild of the family, on which so many years worked father and sons, creating a new, unique production - has been sold.

Now, the company headed by one of the investors.Young designer Tom Ford, who came to her work, not only corrected ruffled the firm's reputation, but also to improve product quality.In 1994, Tom Ford has won worldwide recognition.A new fragrance "Gucci" called Envy.It consists of musk and green grapes, which gave the spirits fragrance of passion and sensuality.

After some time, there is another fragrance "Gucci┬╗ - Rush, which has become a real "bomb" in the eighties of the last century.The basis of its technology has entered a fundamentally new technique, allowing Ford and his spirits have gained an unprecedented success.

received the same recognition in 2004. The fragrance "Gucci 2".Reviews enthusiastic women say only one thing: spirits hit the nail on the extraordinary oriental flavor that is subtle interweaving of the smell of flowers, fruit, cedar and musk.

World style icon

Incarnation dreams of most people, a style icon - the products of "Gucci".Perfume (male and female), the brand is widely known both abroad and in Russia.You can buy it in the salons of high quality perfumes.

Needless to say that buying a perfume "Gucci", you are unlikely to be able to invest in a modest sum?Perfumes, which was created from high quality ingredients with the help of modern technology, using the best equipment can not be cheap.Choosing this unique flavor, you find yourself in a world of dreams, fantasies, feelings and luxury.Be sophistication and elegance, along with Gucci!