"Carolina Herrera": spirits, Changing the World

stylishly dressed, well-groomed girl is always striking and memorable stay.But other than that, it makes a lasting impression flavor.The correct choice of perfume often depends on the mood of its owner, and the way it is perceived by others.Depending on the composition of perfume woman may seem like a fatal lady and frivolous girl.Therefore, it is important to pick up a scent that reveals you, highlights your personality.

One of the unforgettable aroma has a perfumer who created the Carolina Herrera.Spirits offered under this brand will never leave you indifferent.Carolina Herrera, a famous fashion designer, has linked its activities with the release of perfume from 1980.Since then, every year, millions of women are discovering one or another flavor, sold under the brand name "Carolina Herrera".Fragrance presents a variety of flavors, including every girl can find a suitable just for her.One of the most famous fragrances is "212".This is truly feminine and at the same time urbanistichny perfume, which

consists of fresh notes of orange, bergamot, flowery notes of lily of the valley and gardenia.The heart of the perfume is musk and sandalwood.No wonder 212 - a code of Manhattan.It is not too sugary, not overly floral, light and refreshing.Many Hollywood celebrities are also fans of "Carolina Herrera".Perfume "212" are, for example, a favorite scent of Angelina Jolie.

But that's not all!In addition to a rich assortment of female spirits, there are no less famous men's fragrances from the brand "Carolina Herrera".Perfumes for men are often paired with a feminine fragrance.For example, there is a variation of the famous perfume "212", which have become truly a legend for decades, developed specifically for men - "212 Men».This unobtrusive, but at the same time sensual fragrance will add a unique charm to any man and make the women tremble with him.

Besides great popularity began to use new fragrance "212" - "212 Sexy», as shown in the line for men and women.It is characterized by a sweet and floral aroma.Moreover, Carolina Herrera and produces aromatic body lotions with the same fragrance.

Among the many brands of perfumes for many people is the same leader, "Carolina Herrera".Spirits are rich in its style, sophistication, glamor, sensuality and give confidence.Each fragrance is revealed in his own way on different people, so you should try different perfumes and to find among them one that will be beneficial to distinguish you and highlight your personality, character and life positions.

Each year, Carolina Herrera perfume is today represented in 56 flavors, renews its line and launches new, exciting compositions that do not leave indifferent any world stars or ordinary housewives.Having tried to imagine her perfume once, you will not want to part with it.