Tanning "Yves Rocher": reviews and tips

Chocolate or bronze shade of the skin always looks stylish, attractive and sexy.But not all women have the opportunity to constantly go to the solarium: someone contraindicated, while others do not have time.In this case, the best option - to find themselves a tool for self-tanning, which contains only natural ingredients.

to cosmetic products that do not contain artificial ingredients, allergy refers tanning "Yves Rocher".The skin after using it not only becomes an attractive natural tan.It is also saturated with essential trace elements.Each woman will be able to choose the cosmetic product in this series, which is suitable to it under her skin type.

spray-tanning gel - completely safe cosmetic products, whose operation is based on the accumulation of epidermis pigmenting substances.After each application the skin becomes more pronounced, and natural chocolate hue.Most women already try tanning "Yves Rocher" opinions about it, they always leave positive.

main advantages of money:

1. Quick results.Tanning "Yves Rocher" (spray) is easy to apply.You can get the desired shade immediately and without harm to health.

2. Attractive complexion.This cosmetic help align tone mask the dark circles under the eyes.Today, many stylists recommend using a self-tanning lotion "Yves Rocher" as the foundation, since it visually hides imperfections and blemishes.

3. Ability to hide the extra weight.Dark skin tone makes your body slimmer visually.Most fans have already bronzing tanning try "Yves Rocher".Reviews of many of them praise.

How to apply self-tanning spray

ensures even tan in just one hour after application.Thanks multipozitsionnomu spray, it is convenient to apply even on difficult parts of the body.Such cosmetic to give the skin a bronze hue is suitable even for those who never before did not use anything like that.Many women have tried self-tanning "Yves Rocher".Always leave positive feedback.

Those who do not comply with the rules of application of the cosmetic product, obtained as a result of multi-colored spots or stripes.To avoid this, before you use the spray or lotion "Yves Rocher", you must carry out the procedure scraping.Since tan be more uniform.

Also, prior to the application means you need to see any remaining drops of water on the body after a shower, the excess cream or jelly.

Apply the cosmetic product must be evenly.Tanning quickly stains knees, elbows and décolleté.In these places it is not recommended to put a large amount of milk or cream.

can be concluded that tanning "Yves Rocher" (reviews confirm this) - a high-quality and effective cosmetic.