The scrub hair dye from skin: useful tips

After coloring hair at home are often unwanted spots on the skin, in fact carry out the procedure accurately is almost impossible.As a result, it often happens that you have an important meeting soon, and you're like a leopard.And then the whole apartment search begins what scrub hair dye from the skin.If you'll notice the unnecessary dyeing, you should immediately erase the stain with a damp cotton pad.In most cases, the "spot" is found within a few minutes after staining, but if you're lucky, and the stain has dried up, and the water wash does not work, you can replace it with an ordinary hair spray.

The wash hair dye from the skin if she could soak:

  • help deal with your problem may be the usual makeup remover;
  • also try using nail polish remover (in any case it is impossible to apply it on the face).

So if unnecessary settled spot on the forehead, near the ears, you should only use natural products as the skin in these places the most delicate and sensitive.The scrub hair color from his face, n

ot to hurt yourself?There are plenty of options.That's the first way: Moisten a cotton wool alcohol (vodka) and wipe the desired area to the disappearance of paint.If the home does not have such tools, you can use the usual vegetable oil (sunflower or olive).Exfoliating scrub will help remove paint particles ingrained deep into the skin.

cigarette ash - is the answer to the question of what to scrub the hair dye from the skin.The method is extremely unpleasant, but effective.It is certainly better suited if you smoke.Take a damp cotton wool and a little bit of ash type (dip cotton wool in it), and then wipe the problem areas.

Good advice

Do not "smear" all in a row, watch the choice of means, as the skin at all different.The first thing to pay attention to the complete safety of the procedure.

addition to the usual tools that are easy to find at home, you can use special chemicals intended for this purpose.The scrub hair dye from the skin of the professional cosmetics?Many ready-made chemical compounds used for this purpose are those, for example, can be "Utopik Cleaner", "Hair Light Remove" and other tools that you'll find.But note that they are quite expensive.In addition to these funds, the girls used "Lock" - means for a wave of hair, besides it is cheaper.It should be noted that it is much safer to use natural remedies for these purposes, without exposing skin harmful influences.A good result in most cases, can be achieved without such costs.

small conclusion

If you do not want to think about what to scrub hair dye from skin after coloring, and annoyed at what had happened, better take care of this at the beginning of the procedure.As an option, try to lubricate the skin cream (can be used for children).In this case, the paint will not stick, and it will be fairly easy to rinse with warm water.