Sunscreens with PPD: a reliable protection of the skin from the sun

Benefits and harms of sun radiation for humans have long been the subject of attention of scientists around the world.It is known that ultraviolet rays are different wavelength and are divided into 3 types: UVC - short, UVB - medium length, UVA - the longest.UVC-rays are not dangerous for humans, becausedue to the short length of its waves do not reach the Earth's surface is completely absorbed by the ozone layer of the atmosphere.Two other types are distinguished by the degree and nature of the effect on human skin.In addition to use solar rays cause the skin to produce vitamin D, contributing to strengthening bone tissues in the body, there is a risk of burns, premature skin aging and the development of melanoma (malignant tumors).

To reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation using a sunscreen with SPF-PPD- and indexes that serve as filters, delay rays, preventing them from getting to the skin.Filters SPF protects against UV rays in the range of filters PPD - from the rays of the spectrum

A, which are the most dangerous as they destroy the collagen fibers in the dermis layer, accelerating the aging process and can lead to skin cancer.Products that contain only the factor SPF, can only prevent a burn, and sunscreen with SPF the PPD and provide comprehensive protection from the sun's rays types of UVA and UVB.The numbers indicated on the packaging next to the abbreviation indicate the degree of protection.For example, a cream 8 miss PPD skin 8 times less solar UVA radiation, etc.A number of labeled SPF indicates the duration of the stay safe in the sun.When choosing a sunscreen, you need to consider your phototype, which depends on the color of the skin, eyes and hair.Therefore, the lighter the skin, the higher should be the SPF and PPD indices.The cream also must match the type of the skin.It should be noted that the higher degree of protection means, the fatter and thicker its consistency.It is suitable for dry skin type.For the most sensitive areas of the face and body with a thin skin (eyelids, lips, décolleté) is recommended to use the funds with the highest protection (30-50 units).Also, special attention should be paid to the outermost parts of the face and body, such as the nose, ears, thighs.

to a sunscreen with SPF-PPD- and factors provide the most effective protection, it is recommended to put them in the same way as regular, 20-30 minutes before going outside.During this time means absorbed into the skin, and it will be ready for sunbathing.

sunscreen with SPF the PPD and applied to the skin more dense layer than the usual daily caring means.For persons optimal portion is equal to the amount of cream, which is placed on the ball of the finger, and the body, it is about two to three tablespoons.

should be remembered that even the most resistant sunscreens lose their properties after a certain period of time and as a result of mechanical action.It is therefore necessary to update the cream on the skin at all times during your stay in the sun - about two hours and after each swim in the pond.