Secrets of aristocrats, or How to whiten the skin of the face and body

porcelain white skin in the old days was considered a privilege of the upper class.Society ladies of all ages protected her from the sun, redness and the appearance of dark spots.From generation to generation, in every family passed on the secret knowledge of how to whiten the skin to keep its noble appearance and freshness.

Today makeup artists find the perfect "canvas" for the exquisite stylish makeup girls brushed their milky skin.But spring and summer times the fair sex are beginning to appear a variety of cosmetic problems from provocative smeshinok-up age freckles chloasma, lentigines, liver spots and other pigmented lesions.Some of them are quite harmless, for example, efelidy, or "kissing the sun", while others require an accurate diagnosis, as are symptoms of disease.

Where to start?

Before you whiten your skin, you need the help of specialists to determine the nature of its darkening.In cases of diseases of internal organs, first you have to remove the cause, and then proceed to the re

storation of natural beauty.

Where better to hold whitening: in the beauty salon or at home?

Inside skin whitening procedure consists of two phases:

- reducing production of the pigment melanin;

- exfoliation of horny layer of the epidermis.

first method - chemical peels

Earlier Estheticians used for this purpose salicylic alcohol (20%), phenol or ointment containing mercury.These components were unsafe, so they were replaced by natural alpha-hydroxy acids or AHA: lactic, citric, glycolic, pineapple, grapefruit, wine, citrus and passion fruit.Moreover, the property to reduce melanin synthesis is ascorbic acid (vitamin C).Experts beauticians, knowing how to whiten your skin with effective chemical peels will be able to choose wisely concentration of AHA and recommend the proper follow-up care: with a moisturizer or an active regenerating cream.

second method - laser whitening the face, neck, décolleté and hands

When age-related changes of the skin of middle-aged women are often the formation of age spots with a high content of melanin.Domestic skin lightening procedures in this case will not produce the desired effect.Cosmetologist with the help of modern laser device for only a couple of sessions to help painlessly whiten these areas without damaging surrounding tissue.

When the bleaching procedure can be carried out?

lightens the skin with the help of chemical peels and laser resurfacing in beauty salons, experts recommend the period from September to April, when the sun's rays are not as active as in the summer.Domestic same whitening procedures that are less aggressive than the cabin, can be successfully carried out in the summer, but only in the evening.Day after all procedures have to protect the skin lightening creams with protection SPF of at least 30-50 units, wide-brimmed hat, especially during periods of increased solar activity - from 10 to 17 hours.By the way, remember that a heavenly body, covered with clouds, can also stimulate the formation of pigmented spots on the skin.

Home whitening

How to whiten the skin, freckles and pigmentation if not very visible?Velvet curtains with a touch of milk can be obtained at home.For this purpose, the plant has long been used with good bleaching properties of lemon, parsley, cucumber, some types of berries: strawberries, raspberries, watermelon.They eat well and whiten skin brewer's yeast.The masks with lightening effect, experts advise to add animal products: cheese, milk, egg white, yogurt or sour cream.Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was famous amazingly beautiful skin, which she had thanks to milk baths.A medieval royals rejuvenate and whiten skin in baths with champagne.Today, many beauties know how to whiten skin of mineral water, toning, and even giving it a healthy color.

Promotes skin lightening minerals such as hydrogen peroxide, kaolin and zinc.Add them to the mask must be very careful (especially zinc).It accurately dispense with these substances should be girls with dry skin type.

Important!Choosing how to whiten face and body, it is necessary to consult a competent expert cosmetologist.Homemade masks with natural products not only clarified but also rejuvenate, moisturize and nourish, prevent the formation of wrinkles, improving the appearance.