Scourge dreadlocks at home

hairstyles are different.Some of his style more than go to the classics, the other - in extravagance.But there are some hairstyles that are a real challenge to society.They prefer, as a rule, the most bold and bright personality, which is not too worried about the majority opinion.Dreadlocks - hair style, not only for non-formals.Numerous legends tell that they bring man to the hidden knowledge, is granted the ability to clairvoyance.

Dreadlocks - a risky move if you decide to make them out of their own hair.This option is considered dangerous.But there is a temporary method.Secure dreadlocks do not hurt your hair and can be easily removed at any time.But the natural need to untwist long and hard.Moreover, most often they were simply cut.

There are two basic rules for creating a hairstyle.Dreadlocks home braid may be, but the hair must not be shorter than 15 centimeters, because they shorten the process by about a third.In addition, it is not recommended to do this on the dyed hair and loose curls.

Otherwise, the hair can fall out.

to make dreadlocks at home, do not necessarily have the skills hairdresser.This hairstyle is available for all who wish to transform.No matter what kind of dreads you are going to spin.In any case, the hair must be prepared for this difficult procedure.First, they are washed with soap or shampoo with natural extracts without additives.You have to get completely dry, smooth and obedient hair.

to create a safe Dred need kanekalon desired color.In addition, you need a special wax and hair elastics.Dreadlocks home trailing both independently and with the help of a friend.In this case, as there are several types of hair.For example, there are the so-called de-dreadlocks.They have two ends.To create such dreadlocks need to take a separate strand kanekalona and drag it around the edges with rubber bands.When the ends are free.They tease and neatly rolled.A strand folded in half.Similarly, prepare the necessary number of dreadlocks.Their carefully podpletayut to their own hair in a tight small braids.

When it comes to conventional artificial dreadlocks, it should do so.Natural hair is divided into three parts.By the middle firmly attached small part kanekalona.It should be much longer than the natural curl.Only then dreadlocks at home turn out neat and beautiful.Strand braided in the manner of a conventional thin braids.The end of the rubber band is fixed and wound artificial hair.Dreadlocks wax smoothed.This hairstyle can be easily removed if necessary.

If you do decide to "dangerous" dreadlocks, then be patient and free time.For a start, divide hair into individual strands in a staggered manner and secure them at the roots with rubber bands.Then they must be removed.Nacheshite lock from the neck to the end.Should receive beam.His neat dump and add a small amount of wax.The tip is heated hairdryer.The first time the head can be cleaned in about a month.Podpletayut knocks hair using a hook.To fix the form add a little wax.

If you want to radically change their style, then pay attention on dreadlocks.How to untwist them with minimum damage to the hair?Only in the cabin.At home, you need much more time and effort.This hair loss is significant.