California highlights on dark hair: the technique, advantages and hair care

This technique appeared in the United States.The name she received due to the fact that under the burning sun of California hair fade and become a beautiful golden color.Stylists have decided to reflect this feature to create new images.So there is a new technique that gives the hair a natural and beautiful look.

This staining technique is quite suitable for blondes, but more effectively do the Californian highlights on dark hair.By the way, as it is called Venetian highlights.Not for nothing, it gets its name.In ancient times the beauty of Venice with dark hair specially spent long hours under the scorching sun, their hair a golden hue acquired.

Today Californian highlights on dark hair is very fashionable trend.Many Hollywood stars dye their hair in accordance with this technology, they include Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce Knowles, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez and many others.However, not only for the services of stylists are available that are able to change the image so "ordinary" women can also re

fer to a beauty salon and make California highlights.


California highlighting, reviews about which you can hear basically only positive is very popular due to the fact that the color of your hair is less exposed to the paint.You can verify this by examining the dyeing technique.

No hat, no foil, no thermal paper is not used in the dyeing and the composition is a mixture, which is based include beeswax, which is gently lightens hair.Apply it on your hair with a brush or just your hands.Drying takes place in air.This ensures that the hair does not dry, acquire an extraordinary brilliance and remain healthy.If used, such as a foil, the paint would act more intensively and causes great harm to the hair, and it would not be such an effect in the end.


Doing Californian highlights on dark hair woman paints only a few strands, and it does not touch their base, so this method is more harmless.In addition, often eliminating the need to tint the hair roots and expose once again exposed to chemicals.In financial terms, it is also advantageous services of stylists have to pay much less.

California highlights on dark hair, if it is done correctly, gives the low-contrast modulations.The technique may involve the use of several shades.It uses several means.Hair turns out very beautiful, multifaceted, creates an unusual effect and play of colors noble of natural shades - bark, golden sand, cinnamon, caramel.Thus, the hair is literally come to life, begin to play a fresh and bright vivid colors.


Whatever California hair weave, whose photos are shown as an example in this article, but still harmful, even a little, by coloring applied.In order for hair to be healthy, and do not lose their color saturation, use shampoos and conditioners designed for Highlighted Hair.Well in this case, also professional mask containing fruit acids.Only specialized tools it is better to restore and revitalize the hair, making them more healthy return strength, elasticity and shine, conventional cosmetic formulations influence is not as effective.

not recommended to use hair dryers and curling hair, comb and make better use of wood.That is, the colored strands have as little as possible exposed to negative external influences.By the way, there will not prevent head massage.

With California highlighting can make their way into a special flair, while preserving the natural beauty.Furthermore, this painting is suitable absolutely for all hair - short and long, straight and curly, for light and dark.In the latter case highlights California looks better, as mentioned above.