What to cook for my birthday in nature?

What distinguishes birthday from other festivals?Well, firstly, that congratulated him only one person - the hero of the occasion.Secondly, the fact that the "newborn", in turn, wants to thank and surprise your friends a delicious and original treat.And how to do it?The mass of options, and one of them - to prepare the festive table in nature, outdoors, in the woods or in the country, especially if the holiday falls on a warm summer months.The main advantage of this birthday is not necessary to pay special attention to the table setting and selection of recipes.Fresh air and hunger that inevitably arise in such a "healthy" environment, will become the best spices to your meals.What to cook for my birthday in nature, that it was delicious, hearty and pleasant to everyone?We offer a few recipes of dishes that can form the basis for a festive table.

Recipe Pork

What to cook for my birthday in nature as a main course?It so happened that in the former USSR, mainly hot meat dishes cooked over a fire, ha

s been and is likely to be long skewers.In the Caucasus - his homeland - mainly grilled skewers of lamb.But in our stores more frequent visitors pork, beef and chicken - are strongly and prepare all your favorite barbecue.

Our summer menu birthday will include a barbecue pork.

For its preparation we need:

  • 2 kg of pork (rump);
  • 4 bulb bulbs;
  • seasoning for barbecue;
  • tomatoes - 100 g

Marinate meat in tomato sauce, salt and spices.Put in the fridge for a few hours.

When the fire burned to embers, you need to string on skewers skewers, alternating the meat and onions, then put into a brazier.

Later follow two rules: do not let the fire of coals and do not leave the meat for a long time in one position, so that it is not burnt.When the first extinguish the flames, without losing a moment, in order to avoid a second - Turn the skewers often.Based on the fact that, ideally skewers rotate continuously.

cooking time - about 40 minutes.In order to test the readiness, pierce the meat with something sharp and make sure that the juice out of it flows clear as a tear or does not arise at all.

Recipe "Eggplant with bacon on skewers»

Besides kebabs, what to cook for my birthday in nature?The best addition to meat - is vegetables.And as soon as we have a fire, it is a sin not to use it.As hot snacks offer to cook eggplant with bacon on skewers.

Recipe for this dish is as simple as it is ingenious.From the domestic preparations we need eggplant (the rate of 1 to 1 vegetable skewer) and a piece of bacon.

House cut eggplant rings thickness of not less than half a centimeter, bacon - slices thinner.Vegetables salt.At the site you will just have to string alternating eggplant with bacon on skewers and bake in the grill until golden brown.Turn the skewers with vegetables need with no less zeal than with meat.

However, some baked eggplant should not be limited.On skewers are perfectly prepared and other vegetables: peppers, tomatoes, onions - all of this can be alternated and mixed well to offer guests.In addition to baked, will be very useful fresh vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers.It is better to take a integer, and is already in place cut into fairly large pieces, especially if you spend a children's holiday.Because the cook on the day of birth of the child in the woods best such dishes that will not crumble, drip, dirty hands and clothes.

in the woods or on the lawn quite uncomfortable to engage in cooking, so it is not out of place to prepare something at home.You can also cook it for my birthday in nature?For example, a la carte dishes: cakes, roll in a pita with fish, potatoes, baked or fried whole.Take plenty of fresh bread, sauces and herbs.For dessert fit donuts, cookies, candies, marshmallows and candy.And do not forget about the drinks, napkins and utensils.