When the World Teachers' Day?

World Teachers' Day - an international festival and meaningful for each person on the planet, because almost all of us owe their skills, knowledge and achievements to these people, teachers.And since education around the world has become a must, the illiteracy rate is reduced, and the educational needs grow, teachers are not only honored the people (though these were always), but also very popular.

When celebrated Teacher's Day?Date fixed in our country - it falls on October 5th.This day has been approved by UNESCO in 1994.It is not an official holiday in the country, but always celebrated in all educational institutions.So it was led since 1994, although earlier, since its founding as a holiday, World Teachers' Day in the USSR celebrated the first Sunday of the second month of autumn.So, by the way, it is celebrated until now in countries such as Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Moldova.But the Uzbeks have decided the day of celebration of educators transferred October 1.

So much for the CIS countrie

s.When is World Teachers' Day in the rest of the world?In much of the world it is still celebrated in the autumn, because in the Northern Hemisphere is the time when the school year begins.In India, for example, teachers congratulated September 5, the day of the birth of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan - known philosopher, a native of that country.And in Argentina, said the holiday is timed to the date of the death of another great man - Domingo Faustino Sarmento, teachers, politicians, public figures.And the Argentines celebrate it on 11 September.And in Taiwan, World Teachers' Day is celebrated on 28 September.This day was born the great thinker Confucius.

alone among autumnal celebrations are the days of teachers in countries such as Albania and the Republic of Korea.In the first this significant date marked on 8th of March.But Koreans celebrate their teachers May 15.

What are the features of this holiday?Teachers are the primary agents of children into the adult world.If the parents, the environment, the friends form a person's character, instill basic communication skills and behavior, the job of the teacher is much thinner.Teachers instill in children a love of information, the desire to know more and understand.That is their main purpose, their features and value.That's why every year in almost all countries of the world held special events, the main aim of which is to pay tribute to teachers.It may be special concerts with the participation of outstanding artists or, on the contrary, young talents.Also on this day are often conducted inspections of creative initiative in schools, organized demonstrations of the best students in various fields, held competitions and contests.And the best gift for any teacher will be a victory in such competitions of his pupil.The children prepare for their teachers gifts, bouquets, greeting.

wishes on Teacher's Day can be very different, the main thing that they were sincere, coming from the bottom of the heart.Often start with words of gratitude for such hard work.And then to follow, in fact, wishes for happiness, patience and creative inspiration.And yet - the good, capable and responsible students, as well as the opportunity to relax a little more.