How to make a festive table for an anniversary

When you arrange a festive celebration on the occasion of the anniversary, you enter into the role of hostess and should be ideal and welcoming.It is necessary to consider not only the pre-evening menu, but it will look like on your holiday table anniversary.And this is very important.

Where lay the table

festive table decoration for an anniversary - a kind of exam on art decorations and serving according to the rules of etiquette.However, following the conventional plants, do not forget about your personality.According to etiquette, celebratory table placed in the middle of the room.But it is not necessary to strictly observe this rule.In the spring, when nature comes alive through the window, put the furniture closer to the window, and in the winter, on the contrary - to the wall in a dark room to arrange a candlelit dinner.Of course, it is possible, as was the custom in the Soviet era, move up the table to the couch, but do not select this option as the only possible, even if you live in a small


decorate a festive table for an anniversary

1. tablecloth and napkins

Traditionally, the big celebrations choose the white tablecloth.It is possible to depart from this rule and give preference to pastel tones, which look more refined and elegant.It is important that consistent quality fabric material dishes trailers for the holiday table.

On the anniversary you can prepare a special decoration: tablecloth to put on top of one color transparent lace napkins.The style in which the table is made, shall transmit the spirit of the event and take into account the composition of the guests.You can select and traditional furniture and avant-garde, but the main thing that all the details of the table: tablecloth, dishes and cutlery - ideally suited to each other.

As for napkins, here we must remember that the original paper figures are only good when the festive table is made in modern style.In classical traditional celebrations they will look vulgar.The best choice - a linen napkin.They will create the impression of greater solemnity and elegance.

2. Flowers

can decorate a festive table with flowers for an anniversary.Photos of this event will be beautiful and original.After the triumph of flowers give a special elegance.Just to keep in mind that the bouquets should not obscure the faces of the guests.Therefore, choose a low composition.You can put the bouquets in vases of fruit or narrow transparent glasses on a rosette.According range of colors to be combined with a tablecloth or utensils.In lieu of flowers can also be used bunches of autumn leaves or bunches of parsley.Challenge your imagination, show taste, but remember that in any case it is impossible to use artificial flowers.It is better then none at all.

3. machinery and utensils

diversify the holiday table for an anniversary can be and with the help of crockery and cutlery.The main thing - to choose all the way to the objects in harmony with each other.If you choose avant-garde dishes, then discard the colored glasses, that you can not even see the color of the wine.Best option - simple glasses of fine glass.They are easy to match with any style dishes.

4. The final touch: the card with the location

If you want to arrange a festive table for the upper class, then as an extra decoration, you can use cards with the names of guests.They must also be made in accordance with the decoration of the table.Perfect choice - cards, handwritten on special white cartons with a thin gold or silver edging.