Gifts Dad for his birthday: his hands, and at any age

No matter how many your child, you can always do together gifts dad for his birthday with his hands.Let's start with a list of ideas for the smallest crumbs.

Prior years old

Even when your baby just lies in bed and study their own pens, you can already make gifts to the pope for his birthday with his hands.The best gift card will be stamped with a pen or legs baby.Leaving a mark on the paper and letting it dry, you can turn it into a bird or octopus merry men.Write a mutual wish and gift ready.

1-3 years old

At this age, your child is able to have great feats.You can sculpt from clay for dad or your favorite tank car.Sculpt a piece of paper without making a three-dimensional model.Or you can take a plain white T-shirt and bright finger paints.Painted, put the prints of hands and feet on white cloth.Let get bright and elegant t-shirt, and give you the birthday beloved pope.Offer him immediately put on a new outfit, much to gladden children.

4-6 years

At this age, your baby may be under

the strict guidance to make any simple crafts.An excellent solution is application dad's birthday.Print on a sheet of paper two identical pattern.On one you'll stick cut paper or cloth, and the other used as a stencil for accurate contours.

7-11 years

May at the same time as the child grows older, mature and gifts dad for his birthday, made their own hands.At this age he can already write a story and paint (choose) for her illustrations.This small book can be present for any occasion, but if the story it will touch the Pope and talk about his talent, the best gift you will not find.

12-15 years

Age rather serious when young people head immersed in the world of computer technology.Ask him to make a presentation to the father.Add to little sentimentality, photos and music.You can also make the game "Guess" about your dad.Any man will appreciate not only the mind but also the work of a child.Besides, this gift is developing and the youngest master.Teach him to select colors, insert information and present it in raw form.You can even prepare a chart of the father's talent.

16 and older

Many believe that tinkering gifts dad for his birthday with his hands in adulthood is not true.But it is not so!Keep in Chad reared every possible initiative to please the family and friends with the help of hand-made gifts.In principle you can use any master class at the discretion of a son or daughter.This may be a homemade cake, and the polished surface of my father's car, and beautiful embroidery, and related his own scarf - in short everything your heart desires.Whatever the gift, if it is done with love, it will not be the price.After all, it means that you have grown attentive and grateful child.The gift, made his own, can give like a present as an independent, and as a nice addition to any item purchased (the certificate or an envelope with money).