Didactic game in the middle group.

Mathematics, as you know, the queen of sciences.It will accompany your baby everywhere.Therefore, educational games in the middle group of mathematics is crucial.They will help your child develop early basic skills in this area.First you need to keep in mind is that all knowledge begins with some basic tasks.Therefore, educational games in the middle of a group of kindergarten mathematics will be based on the study of shapes, forms, their properties and understand how to make this or that figure.

«One, two, three - get!»

All material will be presented in the form of a game that is sure to help teachers and children.The first - to entertain the kids, the second - to learn the material and remember it well.Remember that for didactic games math necessary to prepare a handout.

game to teach children to form the image of the set pieces and show how to use them in the process.Prepare a one-color pyramid with lots of rings (better more than eight).Such pyramids should be a few pieces (3-4 for each color


Now about the game.All the children made to sit on chairs in a semicircle beside him.Next on the table lay a pyramid, mixing rings.On the table in front of the children put the two pyramids and disassemble them.After give each kid a ring of the same size and ask him to find a pair.Talk to the children: "Take a good look at their rings.Try to remember their size and color, not to be mistaken. "In case of difficulty with an answer ask your child to come to the final pyramid and compare all the rings.Start searching for the right only when all the kids say, "One, two, three or find!" When the child chose the ring, he must apply it to what remained on his stool.If he made a mistake, correct permitted - to come back and select a new ring.

«Find me»

During the game, the child must develop the ability to quickly find a specific figure and call it, and the differences in color and size.Prepare approximately 20 geometric shapes of different sizes and colors.It is desirable that this was a set for each child separately.Then tell the children, what kind of shape they need to show you.For example, a small blue circle, a large green triangle and so on.The game is rather short, but will cause a storm of positive emotions in children.In addition, it will help them to develop.

«Magic Quadrant»

game develops in children color perception, the ratio of the whole and the parts.In addition, it generates a logical thinking and ability to break complex tasks into simple components.Prepare for each child a set of 36 colored squares of 8 x 8 centimeters.Thus refer to all hues significantly different from each other.Then cut the squares.Each of the write number (rear).Then give kids tasks:

A) Arrange the pieces by color.

b) numbers.

B) Fold the pieces of a single square.

D) come up with new types of squares.

is very important to use all sorts of shades of different colors.

«What is missing?»

The game is aimed at the development of logical thinking in children of the middle group of kindergarten.It will help children who have more or less know how to count and differentiate between the figures in writing, to consolidate the knowledge acquired.To prepare this cards with different numbers.For example, from 1 to 10. A few sets.Remove from the ground, which you put on the table a few numbers, mix the remaining sets.Ask the children about what is missing in the series.After that, ask the kids to find those numbers that are not, and put them in the appropriate places.

These didactic games in the middle group in mathematics greatly facilitate the lives of children in the future.In addition, these gameplay will serve as a good starting knowledge of science.That is why it is so important educational games.FEMP (middle group - it's time for this) should take place along with the development of other skills in children.

Improving speech

educational games for children in the middle group are important for the development of speech no less than mathematical.At this age a child begins to speak well and clearly, and therefore, should be given due attention to the assimilation of the native language.Fairly widespread use of educational games found in the middle group in the pictures.They help kids learn the basics of speech.These visual aids will be delayed for a long time in the mind of a child.

«Friends from the garden»

game helps to develop it and gain the knowledge, ideas about the world.Formed systematization of children's knowledge about fruits and vegetables.In addition, children learn to express correctly and to be responsive, to help when needed.

to carry out this game Prepare any doll that will embody the character, models of different fruits and vegetables, baskets, painting garden.Even get 2 pots, scales, cash, bag buyer.It is desirable for two volunteers dressed up in chef.

Show kiddies picture of the garden and discuss it.Focus on fruits and vegetables.Next, show the kids doll and say, "Let's help the doll decomposed fruit and vegetables for the soup pots and jam!" Kids will have to approach the table, which will be based on fruits and vegetables, put them in a basket and refers to the pan.This will help the children volunteer two cooks.After the kids finish their work, ask them with pictures assistants to talk about fruit / vegetables that they put in one or the other pot.

«Toy Shop»

This game helps familiarize children with the world.In addition, it serves as a continuation of the formation of knowledge about the colors and sizes of objects helps kiddies to distinguish and name toys.To do this you need to prepare pictures with images of toys: cars vans with different colors, different sizes of the pyramid, but of the same color, the doll in different dresses, balls and so on.

Make image of a toy store.Then ask the children to go into it.Then tell your child choose a picture from the image and describe it: "What did you buy?What's your machine?Van big or small? "If the child is difficult to answer, help him.This game can be good to beat at home.

«Someone who lives in teremochke?»

Didactic game in the middle group for the development of speech contributes to the development of concepts about the world, helping kids understand the differences between wild and domestic animals, as well as contribute to the development of concepts about where lives theor another animal.They form a respect for the animal world.

Prepare Picture cards with pictures of animals (domestic and wild) and their habitats.After this, all the images spread out on the table and ask each animal kiddies find his house to save him from the cold.If the kid made a mistake, help them - call the place where the animal lives, and the child will have to find it.

Ecology - the basis of life

used to the environment in child development have paid quite a bit of time.But now people have realized that ecological development plays an important role.That makes it the impression of the outside world in the children's minds.What kind of educational games in the middle group on ecology can be used?Who will tell.

«ecological path»

This kind of ecological games will help the middle group kiddies kindergarten learn plants.In the process will form the concept of medicinal herbs, trees, flowers and fruits.In addition, the game will help children to see the beauty of nature and teach the rules of conduct in the woods."Ecological path" also teaches children to transfer experience in the drawings of the outside world, using the elements of applications.She also helps develop imagination, fine motor skills of hands, creative thinking, love of nature and everything around him.

In order to carry out this didactic game, prepare illustrations of medicinal plants, fruits, flowers, play areas "Forest", "field" Recording with the voices of birds, noise of leaves, wax crayons, glue, brushes, paints, paper and zagotovki-application of different animals made of colored paper.

Put the children in a circle.Start recording with the voices of birds.Discuss with kids after listening, where you can hear such voices.After that, the children will question whether they know about what birds eat.Do not be afraid to suggest the children.Explain that to the birds singing in the garden, you need to protect it all the flowers.Ask about whether the kids know how to protect the flowers.If not, tell us.If someone starts to make an attempt to explain the rules to you, help your child.Without a doubt, this occupation will be keen on the whole middle group.Musical educational games are very interesting kiddies.Call

kids on the playing area "Glade".Ask what they see flowers there.Explain that plants can heal people.Ask about what is a medicinal plant.If the children can not answer, try to help them.At the end of this part of the game tell the kids about how to properly care for the trees.

Then spend the guys in the "Forest".Turn on recording the noise of leaves.Ask your kids about what they see trees and how to tell them apart.Next, ask your children about whether they know on which tree grow all winter fruits.If the answer is negative, help, tell me what it is - a mountain ash.Ask any tree dress up once a year.Put forth a riddle: "Russian beauty stands in a clearing in a green blouse and white sundress" (answer - "Birch").

Show the children pieces of paper, paints, crayons, pencils and animal figurines.Have kids make pictures of where today they have visited and seen, using the acquired knowledge about the world.

employment options

Didactic game in the middle group of ecology are entertaining and informative.It can be used successfully and "seasonal" entertainment.These include, for example, educational games in the middle group on the theme "Autumn".It was at this time of year for children becomes even more interesting in the street where everything around changed.

Remember, didactic games in the middle group - it is an important stage in the development of children, in which the kids are preparing for a new stage in life - elementary school.Now let's talk about what kind of game you can spend the autumn with children.

«Autumn rug»

This didactic game helps children learn about the world in the autumn, to generate all the necessary knowledge for the development of imagination and logical thinking, folded vivid impression of how the world looks in the fall.Need paper, glue, pencils, brushes, paint and good weather.Invite the children to go out to explore the world in the fall.Focus on trees and their leaves.Ask kids to collect fallen leaves color, then to turn them into a beautiful picture.

After returning to the place in front of a group of children of paper, paints, brushes, crayons, glue - everything that is necessary for creativity.Then ask them to make the composition of the autumn yard or nature with the help of the collected leaves.Help your kids if they do not succeed.

In conclusion

Didactic game in the middle group are interesting, informative and helpful.They are sure to help children in the future.It is in childhood notion of "game" associated with cognition.