Tics in the child: the treatment, the reasons

nervous tic called involuntary, sudden and repetitive muscle contraction.This disease is familiar to many people, but most of them children suffer up to ten years.Parents did not immediately notice the tics in the child, the treatment because of this delayed.Over time, frequent blinking or cough alarming adult and baby are a specialist.As usually all indicators are normal, he advises appeal to the neurologist.Only then parents begin to deal with the problem.In the diagnosis of the disease it takes a long time, so do not procrastinate.It is best to seek help as soon as the warning signs appeared.

How does tick and when it occurs?

Most often most noticeable cuts on the face and neck.They can appear blinking, shmyganem nose, movements of the head or shoulders, twitching lips and nose.Sometimes the child has few symptoms.

Neuroscientists say that the most dangerous age when the occurrence of the disease is most likely - 3-4 years and 7-8 years.This is due to the peculiarities of the body: at this age,

children are faced with various crises and the transition to new stages of life.


identify this disorder is not easy, since a long time, neither the child nor the parents do not realize that the movements are involuntary.The most important criterion that should alert - is the inability to control muscle movement.When there is a nervous tic, the eyes of a child can quickly blink and twitch.This is one of the most common symptoms.

Types nervous tics

Depending on how long the disease, tics to classify as follows:

  • transistor.In this case, the fewer symptoms.
  • Chronic.It lasts more than a year.
  • Syndrome Gilles de la Turetta.It is diagnosed when a child has extensive motor tics and at least one vocal.

If you find a child's nervous tic, treatment will depend on what muscle groups are involved.Therefore, the disease can be divided into types:

- local (one group of muscles);

- common (several groups);

- generalized (cut almost all the muscles).

Tiki can be vocal and motor.The former refers sniff, cough, and others.Under the second refers to the involuntary movements of the body.

What causes the disorder?

When tics occur in children, the causes of this phenomenon are very concerned about their parents.To the picture became clearer, experts recommend to remember what events preceded these manifestations.Typically, the disease is caused by a complex of causes.

hereditary factor

Neuroscientists claim that it has a dominant value.But there are some reservations.

If such a disease affects one of the parents is not necessary that the child has been diagnosed as tic.This shows his predisposition, but does not guarantee the disorder.

is impossible for external factors to determine whether there is a genetic predisposition.Parents may have psychological problems that were transferred through education and child through uncontrolled emotion.In this case it is necessary to talk about how to respond, rather than genes.

experiences and stress

Parents are very worried when they found the child's nervous tic.They begin treatment immediately, but sometimes it is first necessary to think about the provoking factors and eliminate them.If the specialist says that the cause may be stress, parents are skeptical.But it is worth remembering that, for adults and children occasions for experiences may be very different.In addition, positive emotions, even if they are very bright, may excite the nervous system impressionable kid.

TVs and computers

pediatric neurology manifests itself in many children, so parents need to take timely action.Big problems brings prolonged TV viewing.This is due to the fact that a flashing light effect on the intensity of the nerve cells of the brain.When this happens very often strays natural rhythm, which is responsible for peace.

Lack of physical activity

Parents need to figure out how to get rid of the tick because it affects the mental health of the child and may eventually move from one species to another and grow.Their main mistake is that they attach great importance to the mental stress of the child and completely forget about the physical.It is also necessary for children to energy is a way out.Otherwise, it may cause a reflex contraction of the muscles.

Errors education

pediatric neurologists may suffer from personality traits of parents, they do not control.Lead to the disorder are the following factors.

  • Restlessness mother.Children intuitively feel her mood and inner feelings, even if it looks calm.This leads to the fact that the child is lost sense of security, and it is in constant agitation.
  • restraint in the manifestation of emotions.The lack of affection and warmth can manifest itself in involuntary movements.
  • total control.Many moms love to the child's actions and events that take place around it were under their complete control.Only then can they be assured.
  • Excessive demands.Every parent wants their child to be the most intelligent.Often, they give him the qualities which he does not have, so the baby does not meet their expectations.For a long time the child lives in constant fear of disappointing my mom and dad, so ticks can occur as a reaction to the experience.

psychogenic tics and symptomatic

To understand how to get rid of the tick, you must know that they are the primary (psychogenic) and secondary (symptomatic).The first occur most often between the ages of five to seven years, as this period of crisis for most children.Their causes may be stress and trauma, which are divided into acute and chronic.

symptomatic disorders are caused by birth traumas, tumors and metabolic disorders of the brain.Sometimes the cause of getting a viral infection that cause acute hypoxia.

How to treat a disorder?

Parents who revealed a nervous tic in the child, the treatment should not be shelved.First of all you need to address to the neurologist, and then to a psychologist.If tics last for a long time, will register your child medication, but in order to get good results, some pills can not do.The need for correction of all the factors that may cause the disorder.

Compulsory parents should:

- to reduce the time allotted for watching TV;

- provide physical activity;

- to develop the optimum mode of the day and observe it;

- minimize emotions and stress;

- as far as possible to hold sand therapy sessions or modeling;

- do the exercises in the tension and relaxation of the facial muscles;

- not to focus the child's attention on the problem, he did not try to control the reduction.

Do not despair if your child diagnosed with a nervous tic.Causes and treatment may vary case by case, but it is necessary to know the general rule.Do not give your child potent drugs as the probability of side effects.If the disorder is a consequence of another disease, it is necessary to carry out the complex treatment.


When there is a nervous tic in children, the symptoms can be both pronounced and very discreet.But it is better not to wait until the disease begins to progress, and carry out preventive measures.The kid must be enough to relax, walk in the fresh air, and it is very important to surround him with love and care to ensure a comfortable and relaxed environment.