Nutrition in pregnancy

In the conditions of modern life - with difficult environmental conditions and frequent stress, the power of each person is essential.Who has not heard the phrase "We - what we eat?"Moreover, it is important to be attentive to your diet expectant mothers.Nutrition during pregnancy must be strictly controlled, because of the substances that enter the body with food mothers formed the brain and internal organs of the baby.On how a responsible mother will carefully treat their position depends on all subsequent life of her children.Nutrition during pregnancy should provide all necessary woman and her baby with vitamins and microelements.

Now put all on the shelves.Let's talk about what you can eat pregnant.Firstly, a woman needs protein.This is - a building material for human tissue.If you need to transfer the amount of protein in the product, you get a lot of - a pregnant woman should drink a day more than half a liter of milk, eat a pound of cheese, 2 eggs and one hundred grams of fish or meat.And it i

s - only protein.A lot of protein in dairy products, legumes, nuts and seeds.When toxicosis recommend eating nuts in the morning - without getting up from bed.

Equally important are carbohydrates.They supply energy to the body.However, it is not necessary to replenish the energy supply of "fast" carbohydrates.Sugar, pastries, chocolate quickly raise blood glucose, but not for long.But such products are deposited in the body, contributing to the emergence of excess weight.Where better to include nutrition in pregnancy bread from wheat flour, vegetables, cereals, potatoes in their skins.

Fats how bad have spoken to them, yet should be part of the menu.Eat them as ordinary butter, for example.For roasting, use refined oil, and salad is better to add unrefined.The fact that in the first case oil during heating does not emit carcinogens, and the second - Oil useful.For the required amount of fat expectant mother should eat daily 16 tablespoons sour cream, eggs, or 8, or 4 tablespoons of oil, or 400 grams of lean meat.But best of all, of course, combine the above-mentioned products.

Vitamin C is essential for proper child growth and development of bones.Of all the citrus fruits that contain this vitamin in a sufficiently large amount, prefer grapefruit.He is the least likely in the future could trigger allergies in the child.Do not pass by the counters with cabbage, sweet peppers, tomatoes.Eat berries - raspberries and strawberries, fresh herbs - sorrel and spinach.All these foods should be eaten fresh or after a short heat treatment to ensure the safety of the vitamin.

sufficient intake of vitamin B will provide porridge from cereals meal, cabbage, black bread.A lot of vitamin B in the shell of various grains.In order to provide the body with the body of mother and unborn baby in vitamin A and folic acid, you have a green, yellow vegetables and fruits.Iron - an essential element in the formation of the blood, so you need to include in the diet of beef, liver, porridge, sardine, cabbage, cantaloupe, spinach, potatoes in their skins.

In brief, we have described how to eat during pregnancy to ensure proper growth and development of the baby.However, the expectant mother can not "relax" and to think that it necessarily need to "eat for two", as our grandmothers.Nutrition during pregnancy should not contribute to weight gain.Eat more and boiled stew, salads.Useful for digestion products are cabbage and pineapple.Often it occurs in pregnancy edema and to reduce their occurrence, limit the use of salty water and, if you want to drink - eat more cucumbers and watermelons.

first be strange to watch your menu, to study the composition of products.However, you will soon realize that you are trying for their own child - to give him a good foundation for future life.