Second generations: some errors

All doctors are of the opinion that there is a huge difference between the first and second births.Second delivery may not affect your health, and can have complications with not very pleasant consequences.It depends upon each individual.What is the reason?It depends primarily on many factors including the health, maternal age, diet.When a woman becomes pregnant the first time she devotes much time to their health and well-being, as it is her first long-awaited baby.The second birth, as a rule, do not allow it to spend as much time on yourself, because by the time a woman burdened with household chores and raising the first perebka.Of course, it needs twice as much time, which she, alas, no: for the first child also needs care, you need something to cook, wash, clean, and this, mind you, takes a lot of time.Of course, there are positive aspects of the second pregnancy.Women already have extensive experience of carrying a child, and they are more conscious approach to the second birth.Features

second delivery

second birth was uneventful, simpler and easier.This applies cervical dilatation.If it is revealed at first birth to twenty-three hours, while the second - a process that takes up to eight hours.The muscles of the vagina and uterus become elastic, reduces pain passage of the fetus - and this is due to the proposition that the second birth is easier to first.Have a baby easier and psychologically, because the mother is already mentally prepared for such an event.If a woman will carefully follow all instructions of the doctor, the baby will be born soon.If a young mother went through labor once, the body remembers this event of a lifetime.The best option between pregnancies - three to five years.During this time the body is completely restored and accumulates forces for the second child.

Risk Factors

second pregnancy, as already mentioned, flows easier and easier.But it's worth asking: why did the second time, you can have complications?First of all, it can be associated with abortion or miscarriage, and inflammatory diseases.Then, after the first birth can deplete the body.According to doctors, the second generations pass quickly, and for the third and fourth generations may be complicated by exhaustion.So you have to listen carefully to your body and take care of their health.Drink prescription vitamins and eat properly.

Another reason is a cesarean section for the first birth.While doctors have not yet established whether a natural way to give birth to a woman if she underwent a cesarean.Here it is necessary to take into account the presence of fractures of the vagina or cervix.If the first birth were gaps, that may change the birth canal, and fabrics may be not flexible.It should take into account the age of the mother.The best age is considered to be 18-29 years old, because then there are complications with pregnancy and childbearing.

So you have to take your health more closely.Often you need to relax, all the doctor's instructions is required to perform, you need to avoid the smell of cigarettes and alcohol.Give up bad habits immediately.

risk may have parents who have different Rhesus blood.It is necessary to pass all the necessary tests before conceiving a baby, do not be lazy to do it.

matter - you have the first or fourth pregnancy.It is important that this is an extraordinary event in the life of every person, every mother, every family.Very soon will be the second birth, the harbingers of them are almost the same as in the first, and therefore, an experienced mom does not confuse them with nothing.Soon it will be born a new man, and you need to make sure that he grew active, healthy, cheerful and fun.