Ectopic pregnancy: Symptoms and Treatment

Ectopic pregnancy occurs due to the fact that the fertilized egg does not reach its ultimate goal - the uterus, and transplanted ovarian, peritoneal, or pipe.The most common tubal pregnancy occurs when the embryo attaches to the mucosa of the fallopian tube and develops there.The thickness of the fallopian (uterine) tubes ranges from 1 to 5 millimeters, so when attached the egg begins to grow, its walls are stretched, there is pain.If you are delayed detection and treatment of ectopic pregnancy ruptures the pipe that leads to internal bleeding and is a threat to life and health of the woman.

Causes of ectopic pregnancy may be different.Violation of tubal patency and damage of the mucous membrane, as well as changing the properties of mucous secretion may lead to implantation of the ovum in the "wrong" place.In addition, the cause of this disease can be accelerated development of the egg.The fact that the egg is shrouded special membrane, which prevents premature implantation.Sometimes the fertilized e

gg becomes a protective cover ahead of time and the embryo attaches to the mucosa, while still on the way to their ultimate goal.

How does an ectopic pregnancy?And it manifested at all?How not to miss the warning signs?Such questions visit many pregnant women, especially those who are expecting their first baby.

Ectopic Pregnancy - Symptoms

Ectopic pregnancy is a serious and dangerous zabolevaniem.Sleduet say that the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy will occur some time after menstruation.It is important to pay attention to the bad state of health and see a doctor.

The first sign of trouble - the pain.It is pointed or sharp, and allows you to suspect that a woman has an ectopic pregnancy.The symptoms at first may not bother, but with the growth of the ovum will intensify the pain so that you can lose consciousness.Usually pain localized to one side of the abdomen (where the pipe is affected), but may take more "diffuse" nature.

If a woman observes bleeding or spotting on a background of delay of the menstrual cycle, it can be ectopic pregnancy.Symptoms may be similar to the risk of miscarriage, so you should see a doctor to confirm the diagnosis.Spotting may be abundant or scarce, they often have a brown tint.

In the fourth case, when developing an ectopic pregnancy, the symptoms are no external bleeding, because blood poured into the abdominal cavity.This can cause shock and collapse of a woman.

Another sign of an ectopic pregnancy is pain when urinating or defecating.

If you notice any of these signs of an urgent need to see a doctor, as this disease at untimely detection and treatment can lead to internal bleeding, which poses a threat to the health and lives of women.

Ectopic pregnancy - diagnosis

diagnosis of pregnancy outside the uterus in early pregnancy difficult.Perhaps the woman will have to undergo inspection several times until it is clearly established cause of ill health.Ectopic pregnancy can be detected by ultrasound, vaginal examination and by analyzing the number of chorionic gonadotropin in the blood.If an ectopic pregnancy it stands out significantly less than the "correct" the implantation of the embryo in the uterus.The faster the ectopic pregnancy is detected, the greater chance of keeping the pipe and women's health.

Ectopic pregnancy - treatment

Treatment depends on the stage of the disease.If the fertilized egg of small size, it is possible expulsion from the pipe with the help of medication or microsurgical intervention (introduction of a concentrated solution of glucose through the endoscope).If an ectopic pregnancy found on a longer term, or there is internal bleeding, surgery is required to remove the tube.