How to know the sex of the unborn child

The main goal of any family - the birth of a new life.Many do not care who they have to be born, and some want to be sure in advance to find out the sex of the child.Ways, of course, very much, and it is about them and will be discussed in this article.

can plan in advance whom you want, with the help of well-known Chinese table.This requires only a month of conception and the age of the mother at the time.Of course, you can not argue on the one hundred percent, that the calculations are correct, however, in most cases, the table fails.

Another way of how to calculate the sex of the child - ovulation.This is the time when conception occurs and the egg matures.Everyone from the school should be aware that the sex of the child depends largely not from the mother and father of the future and the dominant type of sperm.If this type of X, then we should expect a girl, and in the case of Y - wait for an heir.How to find out the sex of your baby for ovulation?Very simple.It should be approximately determi

ne the day of conception and during ovulation future moms.According to scientists, Y-sperm are much more active and mobile than X sperm, but the living is less than the latter, which can hold up to 2-3 days.In this case, if the sexual act was 2-3 days before ovulation, wait for the girl.

next method of determining the sex of the offspring - the blood of the parents.You should know that the average person's blood is renewed every 3-4 years.And according to statistics, a child is born of sex as the parent with whom the younger blood.

If you are already pregnant and want to know the sex of the child, then there are a number of ways.The most popular of them - ultrasound examination.But in this case, you must already be at least four months pregnant.By the way, there were occasions when the technique was wrong.Just before the birth of women say that they have a girl, a boy was born.

chorionic villus sampling method is the most accurate.But it is quite painful and this does not safe for children.Resort to it should be a last resort, for example, if in addition to the floor still need to learn, and if the baby does not suffer any hereditary disease - deafness, blindness, hemophilia, muscular dystrophy, etc.

Dopplerographic study will also help determine whether the fetus pathologies, and thus help the parents to know exactly the sex of the child.

By completely new technologies related to the DNA of the mother's blood, scientists can calculate the wait girl or a boy is already 7 weeks pregnant.It's perfectly safe for mother and baby.The method is fairly expensive in financial terms, so pursue it can not do everything.

There are signs that people like to know the sex of the child.For example, everyone knows recognize a girl or boy in the form of the abdomen mom.If it is round, but at the same time wide wait girl.If tangy and bulging - boy.Those mothers who would kid pulls usually meat and salt, and mother of the future babies prefer sweet and fruit.

should be noted that in any case, in any examination or calculations no one can ever find out the sex of a child is one hundred percent.So if this is your first baby, then you should not buy clothes pink or blue, and yellow, purple, red, orange or white.

In any case, when the baby is born, he or she will be presented with a lot of things in shades of pink or blue.In addition, the next baby may have to be of the opposite sex and not be able to continue wearing the same clothes worn by the older.Children grow up so fast that they almost do not wear clothes, is a pity to throw them away or give it to someone.

No matter what sex the baby will be a future, because after his birth in a few days, you can not even imagine that his place could be born by someone else.