How do I know who will be born?

The question of who will be born, always interested in young future mom, especially if it is desired, and her first pregnancy.The long wait of the first full-scale ultrasound woman constantly thinks how to find out who she is born - a girl or boy.Ways to pretty much - it all izvetsnye national signs, special tables and calendars.Some even guess the shape and size of the growing tummy.Many people around the pregnant woman constantly express their different assumptions - friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues at work.I had the opportunity and the most at work to listen to the views of colleagues - one of them even change their mind who I hid it in the tummy, at intervals of a week.

Sometimes you can hear even the most stupid suggestion, but do not take everything to heart - it's just a kind of joyful entertainment surrounding the wax people.Very often the "people's signs" are wrong, but it's still the way to determine the sex of the baby is much more interesting than a regular ultrasound, which had t

o wait quite a long time.To believe or not to believe in "Grandma's lessons" - a private matter.Here are a few signs, how do you know who will be born:

a boy if:

  1. a pregnant noticeably sticks out his right side, it is believed that the boys are right there;
  2. her belly is shaped like a cucumber, it is at the bottom and all the sticks forward;
  3. if you always want to herring and myastsa, it's true "male" product!
  4. on his stomach and all over his body appeared vegetation, hair began to grow better, it becomes thicker than before pregnancy;
  5. good health during pregnancy and the lack of toxicity is also saying that the boy will be born;
  6. beautiful appearance while carrying the child;
  7. appearance of awkwardness in his movements and gait.

about girls illustrated by the following "signs grandmother┬╗:

  1. round belly and bloated with fat hips and buttocks and thighs;
  2. bulging left side - popular opinion says that the girls choose a spot just to the left;
  3. dark areola nipples pregnant;
  4. craving for sweets and baked goods, because all the girls love it;
  5. baby is pushed from the left side;
  6. during pregnancy appearance has changed not for the better - it is believed that the girls take all of her mother's beauty itself;
  7. strong increase in the occurrence of breast and pigmentation on my stomach.The bright line, reaching to the navel;
  8. during pregnancy if a woman does everything easy and graceful, that she would have a girl - as beautiful and graceful.

We talked about how to find out who will be born with the help of old beliefs and accept.But there are other ways to do it.Even posture during lovemaking and conception, some will give you an answer to vporos how to determine who will be born.It is believed that if a man and a woman make love standing up, then they have a boy, and if the birth occurred while the rain poured down, then a girl.That such seemingly absurd omens determine the sex of the child in our time there.All kinds of tables, define the floor baby blood group of parents for a month of conceiving a child, etc.They are fairly accurate - it is believed that about 90% of the predictions of the forecast is correct.

Chinese table sexes of unborn children is a fairly effective methods of how to find out who will be born.This table was created by its many centuries ago, it was found in one of the imperial tombs and translated into modern language.Determination of sex of the child based on the age of the mother and the baby's month of conception.You can type in any search engine "ancient Chinese gender chart" to find out who will be born to you.

But still, wondering if any of you is born, whether it's a boy or a girl will not forget that the most valuable - is the very expectation of your favorite baby and that you will soon become real parents.Health to you and your kids!