Chinese table determine the sex of the child

Quite recently a baby born to parents was somewhat of a surprise, that both determine the sex of the baby until its birth was virtually impossible.Today is very popular among parents use all kinds of methods of planning sex of the child, and all kinds of signs, which, according to the adherents of non-traditional methods allow to predict the sex of the baby.Almost every nation has its own methods of calculation.The Chinese, for example, for a long time have developed a technique which is known to many as "the Chinese table determine the sex of the child."

The Chinese have always been a combination of the wisdom of the east European nation with pragmatism and efficiency.The culture of this nation is rich in a variety of signs, traditions and customs, many of which, one way or another, associated with fertility issues.And it is not surprising, since for the Chinese family birth of a child - is a very important moment in my life, as a large number of children is for them a luxury.The Chinese government s

trictly controls the birth rate is sufficient, it is such a keen interest in the various signs and tables of calculations sex of the child.In addition to the popular will, there are all sorts of rules associated with childbirth.For example, the Chinese believe that if the expectant mother during conception will lie head to the south, then it will certainly be a girl, and so was born a boy, you should go to head north.

Chinese table determine the sex of the child takes into account the month of conception and the age of the woman at the time when the child was conceived.Eighteen years - this is the minimum age of the woman shown in the table, the maximum age of the expectant mother - forty-five.Chinese table sexing logically enough, with the help of the data for other ages can easily calculate your own, if you hold a number of similarities.However, in this case, there is no guarantee that the data will be calc'd own right.

According to the table, if a woman is eighteen years old, she can conceive a girl only in January or March, the other in the same month of conception will lead to the birth of a boy.At the age of nineteen years old female child can conceive in December and February.From the spring months to conceive a girl is suitable only April of autumn - October.All three summer months, as well as the remaining months of the year the conception ensures birth of a boy.Interestingly, the woman is under the age of twenty-one, is able to conceive a boy only in January, all other months are favorable conceive a girl.The situation is similar in the thirties - a son, according to the table, it is possible to conceive only in January and December.Chinese table determine the sex of the child displays the most favorable period for conceiving a boy - twenties expectant mother.At that time, my daughter can conceive only in December, January, March and in October.

Generally, if you believe that China claims a table determining sex of the child, it turns out that over the years the chances of conceiving a female child is increased and the likelihood that the light will be the successor - is reduced.But the reality is often completely denies the allegations.Women in middle age, give birth to both boys and girls, as a young mom.

believe that, as evidenced by the Chinese table determine the sex of the baby or not to believe - a purely personal matter.Of course, family planning, guided around the data in the table - a risky business.Proponents of esoteric teachings, for example, say that the child's sex is determined by the karma and it happens long before the baby's born, so all calculations are simply useless.But here, too, you can not lose - the parents are happy only on the fact that their family will be the baby, and not matter what sex will be a newborn, because the child does not love for it, and for what it is.