How do you know when to go to the hospital?

you wait so long ago, but when your child is born, and with it so scary, because in front of labor, a process that is difficult to imagine, but everyone knows that it is very painful.And not only is it scary.It is terrible that labor will begin at once, and go to the hospital, you do not have time.A friend, familiar and generally everything and are pushing this fear with stories about childbirth in the machine shop and the entrance.And then the question "When to go to the hospital?" Gets unusually acute.

But seriously all these tales are not worth it, provided, of course, that you listen carefully to your body and feel the time approaching childbirth.Even rapid deliveries - is 3-4 hours, and the normal nulliparous last from 8 to 10 hours, vtororodyaschih little faster, 6-8, but they already know what to expect.

When to go to the hospital?Normal, full-term births are considered on 38-42 week, however, mentally prepared for it have to be on the 36 week, especially if it is a multiple pregnancy.It is

desirable that by the time you have stood a bag with things that definitely need to take with you.Believe me, when the battle will begin, concentrate and collect the package will be very difficult, even if you do it on the list.And documents (passport, insurance policy and, most importantly, exchange card) must be always at hand, even when you're away from home.Naturally, the hospital you will be without them, but, at first, no card exchange, doctors would not be able to build up a strategy birth and may miss something important, especially during pregnancy were some complications.Secondly, a woman without a card exchange is likely to be placed in a unit for unsurveyed, as theoretically it may have infectious diseases.And it is hard to decide which of these two factors worse.That is why, when you need to go to the hospital, the first thing would have to remember - this document.

When the bag is assembled, it remains only to follow closely what is happening to you.Usually, though not always, the body warns of approaching childbirth in advance.Some symptoms can be felt for 2-3 weeks before delivery.In particular, the predictive or a training bout.The uterus begins to decline slightly, preparing your muscles.These fights often painless and irregular.This is their main difference from the real fights.

just a few days or on the day of delivery may occur ptosis stomach: the stomach is displaced below changes the form, it becomes easier to breathe.At this time, the child advances to the birth canal and sets the head in front of the cervix.This means that he is ready to get out and delivery can begin at any time.At the same time sometimes appear mucous discharge from the vagina, possibly with blood streaks.Do not worry, it's coming off the mucus plug, which means that the cervix is ​​beginning to prepare to leave.

If you see at some of these phenomena, therefore, prior to the birth remained a matter of days or even hours.Be ready.

So when to go to the hospital?When will the real battle.They must be regular, that is, at regular intervals, they often painful.In addition, over time periods between contractions will decrease and their intensity increase.If you are not sure you have the real battle or training, it is better to get to the hospital, no one criticize you in case of an error would not you also feel calmer.In general, all controversial situations is better to go than not to go.

often in the classroom expectant mothers are advised to wait a few hours and then go.Motivate this advice that the birth - it is a long process and there is no need extra time to hang around in the hospital.This view is not entirely correct.Of course, if you birth will be normal, then why would not sit an extra hour at home, and if you specifically in your case will be a swift childbirth?If you go once, you will have time guaranteed, and if the extra two o'clock to spend at home, there is a real chance to give birth in the car.

In some cases, even before the onset of labor depart amniotic fluid.Sometimes all at once, and then it is clearly a phenomenon with nothing to confuse, sometimes only a little water leak.When to go to the hospital in this case?The answer is only one, immediately.Since rupture of the membranes, your child becomes vulnerable to various infections, and faster in this case it will be born, the better for both mother and child.

To summarize, the general answer to the question of when it is time to go to the hospital, no, but if you feel the need for this, it is best to go.