Technique House Manichenko: reviews of the effectiveness of

From birth, the child begins to absorb all the information surrounding it like a sponge.Children's brain is unique in its mechanism of imitation, they identify themselves with a significant adult.Repeat habits and habits, words and actions, tone of voice adult favorite - all this gives kids an excellent base for the creation of its unique method of interaction with the outside world.

Using this absorption and rapid development, experts began to develop different methods and techniques of early development.These programs and techniques aimed at the little explorer in the form of a game will know all the concepts and laws of our world.He activated the brain centers responsible for coordinating the work of mental processes, and therefore the child is trained, not straining.One of the most popular methods of early development is transformed technique House Manichenko.

history conversion method Doman

working with young children who had abnormalities in the nervous system, the American Doman (profess

ion neurosurgeon) came to the conclusion: if you can not use all the mechanisms of the central nervous system and the mind, then you need to usecompensatory function of the brain.Based on this, he developed a method that allows to compensate for the missing function by stimulating other organs or functions.For example, through the organs of hearing loss can be replenished, and so on.Children were given cards with different pictures, most classes begin with cards on which were painted red dots.As noted by workers, these cards are well attract attention.Ongoing experiments have exceeded all expectations - children lagging behind in development, some time already ahead of their peers.

Glen Doman did not stop on the achieved results.He continued to develop his method, replacing the old card to the other.Thus, lagging in the development of children learn almost any material.After experimenting with children who have different deviation in mental development, at home I decided to try the method on healthy babies who do not have brain damage.The results also proved to be shocking: if you start training with 6-9 months to 2-3 years the child is already able to read.

After these discoveries began to actively use the technique in various institutions for early childhood development.But, as with any theory, method Doman were also shortcomings and inaccuracies.After 20 years of studying the technique, developed at home, Andrew Manichenko it slightly corrected.Firstly, he, as an experienced psychologist, it has improved.After Manichenko tested it on his 3 sons, so he somehow knew all its pluses and minuses.Secondly, the expert adapted the method to practice with children in Russian.

What is the development of a child as described in House Manichenko?

House Manichenko method refers to the section of methods for early development.Because of him engaged in very young children, the duration of employment and small - to 1 minute.But on the day of such employment should not be less than 50.

How is the activity?The child is sitting, and my mother shows him the card and calls out loud what they depict.Special attention deserve the cards House Manichenko.They are distributed in series, for example, 10 cards from animals, plants, numerals.At each session prepared different series.Interestingly, showing one of them a child, Mom should not be within a month to show it again.In addition, the child sees the image, he also hear how to pronounce the name of the picture.In this study develop mnemonic devices (visual memory, auditory), orientation in space, emotional ties.

Technique House Manichenko implies further development, business card not only for the study of concepts and names, but they also show a certain fact about the subject.For example, information on the potato, where it is increasing, which is used, and so on.Along with this, task mum is to encourage the child to actively move.

advantages of this method

There are many methods for the development of the child developed by different users, they all differ.Houses, Manichenko, Zankov, Montessori, some other psychologists, teachers and doctors say that the best time to teach a child - under the age of 3 years.Some focus on physical development, some - in the development of skills of independent learning.But not all methods are considering the formation of the complex personality of the child.

Technique House Manichenko relates to such methods of development of the baby, which cover different areas of environmental studies.If the day of the procedure can be carried out up to 50 lessons during the month must not be repeated, the child is given an enormous amount of information.

With this submission of information, which is presented in this method, the results will please the most skeptical parents.

  • Catching up with the kid on this method, many parents say that in a more adult, he has an encyclopedic knowledge.
  • addition to mental activity, the child acquires the skills of physical emancipation.After all, one of the main demands of the parents in this procedure is to encourage the child to move actively.
  • From the very young age of the baby will develop a phenomenal memory.Absorbing all the information and repeating it over a period of time, he will learn to remember the smallest details of objects and events.
  • Eventually acquire the skills of fast reading.It is very useful in adult life, and retained fast reading for many years.
  • Gradually, the child becomes the leader as confident in their knowledge and abilities.

basic postulates

  1. Kid - the center of all activities, all around him, rolling.This means that the mother has to adapt to the pace of his individual learning encourages active and try not to tire his visual material.
  2. game - the main way of learning, development and recreation.A child at this age is best perceives information in the gaming activity, so the show and reading the cards must also take place in the form of a game.
  3. Continuing development of the child.Technique House Manichenko in its arsenal is a large number of series of cards.All of them are arranged so that the child is on the rise exploring concepts and objects of the world.You can not show the child first light cards, and then the image for learning to read.Education should be gradual.

role playing technique

At an early age pipsqueak understand the world only through the game.Score reading, the development of logic, memory, thinking, the child develops through active pastime.In the first three years pipsqueak developing by leaps and bounds in the literal sense.Every month there are new at it to achieve that happy and the baby and the parents.With pleasure and ease the baby develops any information.So the game - the main activity of the child during the period from 0 to 3 years.

The main directions in the development of

Methods Manichenko adapted to Russian-speaking children, aims to develop a brood in the following areas:

  • language development (listening to the names of images, learning letters, baby learns to talk and to make phrases, sentences);
  • familiarity with the environment (the study of occupations, food, transportation, etc.);
  • creative development (through viewing images of the baby developing the imagination);
  • teaching of reading (and viewing the study of letters, syllables, words, names of perception through photographic memory on the letters);
  • study of mathematics (the development of logic, thinking, development accounts elementary tasks);
  • education of positive character traits (with the help of a fairy tale).

Why Manichenko cards House?

In any method has its own tools.In some it is any variety of sports equipment, while others are based on the sand, paint, clay.Methods Manichenko (in addition to the scientific data at home) implies only work with cards.It is the same size sheets of paper (cardboard), which depict the subject, written word, have designated task, all that somehow has the ability to develop the child's brain.

most often mothers themselves prepare them for their kids, so how to get them in full is problematic.Every mother knows what information needs her child, and teaches skills in a playful way through the cards.Superkartochki the procedure House Manichenko do not have any magical effect, they only appear in a certain order, and the right amount.

combination of education and development

Any development or the development of skills in the child puts its imprint on his personality.Baby learns to be active, but at the same time disciplined, purposeful, kind and responsive, quickly grasp the information.All of the skills acquired through learning by this method, in a more adult for it to be indispensable.

Is this technique miraculous?Reviews parents

For many parents, the first method is a method of teaching children Manichenko House.Responses about it in the most positive.But there are some things that should not be forgotten:

  1. child develops in an individual scenario, and not, as determined by a specialist, it is not necessary to require the crumbs impossible.
  2. without fanaticism - the child needs sleep, eating and walking as well as the development, it should not be anything to downplay the significance.
  3. child itself - value, rather than its achievements.