What to do with children at home: tips and fascinating insights

classes for children - a wonderful and enjoyable for parents to deal with.But sometimes mothers and fathers forced to do urgent business, and the child is bored, do not know what to do.All children are different, and every kid likes to do something different - someone leafing through the book, someone rattles pans, and someone to sit in place 5 minutes - the torture, and he runs around the house, turns everything upside down.How to calm the little fidgets?What to do with children at home?Let's try to find a fascinating thing for any crumbs - calm or restless.

summer days, and the baby home

It is difficult to sit at home, when it's summer, the window sunny, warm and fun.Of course, rain, storm, wind, or, on the contrary, the scorching heat, no one makes you want to go out.Even a child would understand that it is better not to leave until a walk.And if there is urgent business, or someone got sick in the family, which does not immediately leave the house with the baby, the question arises: what to do

with a child at home in the summer?Every parent has an arsenal of what crumbs can be distracted.Although you can always find something new for your child.

Here, for example, arrange for a baby disco.Children love to move.Turn cheerful music.There is a time - Set an example - have a dance with the crumbs, that you pull together and cheer.If the child is not alone, let arrange a competition - who is better, who is dancing for longer.Judge could be anyone - mom, dad or whoever is currently close to the children.Competitions - a great incentive for the grown kids.You can build towers out of blocks - one above.Or to put puzzles - who is faster and so on. D. Almost all children love to splash in the water.Do not have a question, what to do with a child at home in the summer, when he's healthy.Suffice it to pour water into the tub, give toys, and everything - your child will be playing in the water with pleasure, especially when it's the heat.It is important not to leave the child a long time, it is necessary to monitor the safety of swimming and, of course, control the water temperature, because in your plans do not include the child's illness.

Classes for the youngest

clear that for children of various ages fit different games.For example, there are not many options of what to do with the three-month baby at home.For this baby suit playing with hanging toys in the crib, it is better if it will be bright rattles.The kid will lie with interest looking at things, touch the knob, the foot and listen to what the sound is.For the children of this age is the favorite activity.With these babies need to constantly talk, sing their songs.Even if you are busy, you can tell your child what you are doing.As often as possible take the baby in her arms, do not be afraid to spoil - love, affection and warmth does not happen a lot.If a child is naughty, in any did not want to stay in bed, but pressing matters await you, take the litter with you.Sling - that's the solution.Many chores can be done in the company of the baby, put it in a sling.Variations of this product set.Take the baby can and homemade toys.Sew them from different tissues.Tactile sensations, too, need to develop the kid.These toys can be filled with a variety of cereals - buckwheat, beans, barley, and so on. N. The child will touch the handles, and when older, it will be interesting to crush such little things homemade.

Classes for children yearling

The take-year-old child at home?The answer is not so simple.Sometimes the child can be carried away by such a thing, the subject of which an adult and not think.Almost all babies at this age love to play pots, jars and unbreakable bottles, spoons, ladle, and other child-safe cookware.If you are busy with their own affairs in the kitchen, put the kid next door, give him a few items, albeit studies.When he was tired considered open and close, replace some other items, and the child, if not hungry and does not want to sleep, sit a little more, doing what you gave him.The plastic bottles can pour a bit of beans, beans or some cereal.The kid is happy to rattle homemade toy.You can also offer colorful books little one, preferably those that have not exploded.Kids love looking at pictures, but you need to make sure that the baby does not take the book into his mouth, some mischievous bite or tear off the paper and chew, and may be swallowed.

You have urgent work connected with the computer, and you do not know what to do year-old child at home?Put him next to give a clean sheet, pencils, pen and just make sure that the baby did not take anything by mouth.The child takes himself for a while.Many kids love to tear the paper.You can give a child unnecessary log or an old book, show how the tear sheets, but make sure that the baby's mouth is not pulled anything.In addition, children are beginning to play a year pyramids and cubes.Ask them to his chubby little boy, show how to build, and when he carried away, let it play alone.Place a box or drawer with clothes - and you wonder how the kid will sort out things with passion, trying to do the same.

The year-old child to take home

year-old child has learned a lot, but it is not always something to do on their own, especially if it is one in the family.If several children, they often find things to do.Of course, at any age, kids love shkodnichat, so supervision is always important and necessary.Some kids love to paint on the wallpaper.So artists offer pencils, markers, crayons and blank paper.Let your talent show, where it will not interfere with anyone.Other children are not indifferent to the telephones, remote equipment, and so on. N. They provide better control or broken phone, and let the man's child and takes to Use the buttons or wriggle their parents, talking to an imaginary person.All the same cubes and pyramids are interested in children two years of not less than one year old.And clothing the child will try on harder than a year ago.Many girls love to help my mother with the housework such as washing dishes.And then do not have to think what to do with the two-year child at home.Just put a chair near the sink and together with her daughter was engaged in business.It will be just delighted with this activity.You can pour water into a cup and give the toy posudku or regular spoons, unbreakable plates, cups.

Classes for older kids

no secret that today's children may be watching with interest the television for hours on end, and almost from the cradle.Naturally, the parents get free time, when a child sits in front of the screen.But keep in mind that watching cartoons affect vision, mentality, behavior, so you should not get involved in doing this.Twenty or twenty-five minutes a day - that's the threshold safe time to view cartoons and children's programs.Leave the TV in case of emergency.Look for other ways than to take a three year old child at home when you need to do something.

can ask the kid to bring two bears, three plates in blue, and so on. D. The kid will be busy, and you with your child again or to learn colors and expense.In addition, searching for the right things, the child is distracted and he will play.By incorporating imagination, you can easily come up with what to do with a young child at home.Tell your child that one of the toys was ill, it is necessary to treat, cook gruel, feed, put to bed.There are many solutions.You can go through them all.Ask the baby to treat, then tell me what was the best toy, and now she wanted to eat.Let the child will feed his friend and so on. D.

Evening classes for children

Many experts in answering the question of what to do with children in the evening at home, would say that we need quiet games, reading books, playing without physical activity, so that the child prepare forsleep.But not all parents can boast obedient and quiet child, especially in the evenings.For some reason, this is the time your child turns like a hurricane - he needs to jump, run, scream.And the more you have to calm him, the more he tries to indulge.What to do with children at home?You can give a lot of old magazines and newspapers, even their baby vomits, throws on the floor, jumping on the crumpled sheets (like many children as they spring), throws the paper in the trash.Such a method is the splash of accumulated emotions of the day is suitable for children who are quiet in the afternoon.Any child likes to splash in the water.Swimming - another way to pacify fidget and adjust sleep.Water calms the nervous system, relieve fatigue, and the baby will be calmer.And then, after listening to a story or a song, it will fall asleep soundly.

hyperactive kid in the house

child with hyperactivity is seen almost from birth.He begins to crawl and walk sooner.Everywhere climbs and does not listen to their elders.About education of children is a lot to say, but it is now on the other.The hyperactive child to take home?The most important activity that was somehow connected with the movements.Even listening to a book the child should be allowed to toy in the hands, or the baby is simply not usidit in place.Let crumbs task: to jump five times, three times to run to the kitchen and back, jump 10 times over the obstacle, for example, through a rope lying on the floor.Bathing for these children - also the opportunity to relax.Most importantly - do not scold or punish the child.Hyperactive kids are susceptible to praise and penalties do not apply to them.So you can scare crumbs and lose his confidence.

Unusual activities for baby

When all the usual things a child tired, I want to offer him something new and exciting.If you see what you have in the pantry, you can figure out what to do with small children at home.There was a large cardboard box from household appliances?Great!Master tunnel for climbing.You can use your old wallpaper and adhesive tapes for the production of the same tunnel.If a kid does not want to climb himself, show him an example.The child is the activity probably will like.
discovered in the storeroom door on an old cabinet or a shelf?Great!Master slide.Put the board, a shelf or the door to the sofa at an angle, and all.Gorka ready.Let the kid riding by himself or lowers the machine.Show your child how to knock down blocks, locks, built at the foot of the hill, with the help of machines.

Useful lessons for crumbs

How can children take home to deal benefited and it was interesting kids?Here are some options for simple and exciting things for the development of fine motor skills.Take the beans, cup, cup and spoon.Let baby try to pour a spoon full of beans in a mug cup.You can in a container of beans pour water and give your child a job to catch all fasolinki with a spoon or strainer.Take a small box, cut a hole from above, have to add up all the beans through the hole.Instead of boxes can be used a plastic bottle.And if you cut a hole in the bottom, objects, descends through the neck, will fall through to the outside.Such ordinary adult thing as clean boiled egg, for the little man - fun.And if you offer to the child is not a chicken and quail eggs, the child's interest will only increase.It is not the whole list of what to do with children at home.

Hour fun

sometimes allow yourself to be at the time of the child.The kid is very appreciated.There will be more trust you will see in you a friend.Take all the soft toys, small cushions, balls of paper - everything on which there are no firm details.Can you stand still, running from one to the other, to catch up with each other, to hide in shelters and throw these soft objects.The fun will be unforgettable.End entertainment is better arms.You can play a game of hide and seek unusual.Search will have toy.Lead remains alone in the room, hiding the object, which was chosen in advance, and then the second party to seek it.Accompany the search of a better word "cold", "warm", "hot", to facilitate the task of the child.

Blow bubbles is also very fun class.Kids love chasing bubbles and catch them.How much laughter and joy at the same time!Incidentally, the solution bubbles you can prepare yourself at home.To do this you need to take the water to boil.Let stand up for a while.Take 600 ml of water and 200 ml of dishwashing detergent.To this mixture was added 100 ml glycerol, all thoroughly mixed and allowed to present a solution of about a day.This amount of bubbles enough to many, many times to amuse the kids and not think what to do with children at home.

children enthusiastically able to deal with such things, about which an adult would never have thought of.Kids - inventors and dreamers.Show them an example of how to spend time, and when they grow up, it will not be for days watching television or playing computer, and will come up with, what they do on their own.Teach your child to spend their time usefully!