Beagle (dog).

cheerful disposition, smart look and devotion to his master - these qualities could not be better characterize the beagle.The dog is small, accommodating all pets and family members, it needs only your love and tolerance to forgive puppy antics.You can safely Activities his business, while the children play with the Beagle, because they can do it forever.It is recommended as a companion dog for the whole family.

Species origin

remained until now in question.Equally as blathuandah and dachshund, mention similar hounds are in Roman and Greek chronicles.According to other information, is one of the varieties of English hounds, which contained the whole packs of the nobility.Larger cultivated for hunting wild boar, deer and small running after hares.

Already in the late XIX century, people became interested in the exterior of these remarkable, quick and clever, but ugly hunters.At about this time originates the modern Beagle.The dog is small, robust, well capable of tirelessly chasing prey many kilom

eters until it drops a bullet hunter or not overtaken by larger dogs.Beagle - not a killer, his case - the right to show the track.


small hound, outwardly similar to or bassethaundom Foxhound, but smaller than their size.The legs are short, soft ears, hanging, reach the tip of the nose.Height of about 35 cm, weight 10-16 kg.Colors allowed any dominated by tricolor beagles.

Buying a puppy: "For" and "Against"

first time you become the owner of the dog, the dog handlers elite clubs may deny you buying a puppy of this breed, afraid that he did not repeat the fate transmitted from hand to hand, devotees favoritehosts and traumatized animals.Among frequently given to include not only beagles, but Bassett and many other hunters.The reason for this - the irrepressible thirst for movement, energy and unwillingness to carry out a host of first team nod.

It is not stupidity or stubbornness, and cultivated for centuries quality, because the hunting dog can not rely on the team, only own intuition and reasoning told her how to drive the beast.Of course, high-quality training smoothes innate self-will, but it happens gradually and requires a lot of patience.

you can offer a compromise, to examine the books and invite to visit a number of lessons that you can make an informed decision.

Before purchasing you have to make an important choice, and decide whether you need a pet and companion for hunting or a dog show class.If you stop at the first option, then scroll through the private messages to find out how much is the beagle dog without a pedigree. Usually, this 7-10 thousand, documents puppy will cost around 20 000. Do not forget to visit the breeder, look at the condition of the mother (it will say a lot, because of the quality of care depends on the health of her puppies).

If you need a winner of exhibitions, it is quite another beagle - a dog, the price which starts from 30 thousand rubles.

What bonuses you get when choosing this breed:

  • This kind and cheerful, faithful dog who never hurt even the smallest family member.Sociable dog ready to play with your kids all day.
  • spectacular appearance: beagle looks good on the couch and on the walk, and after languishing look sad eyes you will forgive him all the mischief.
  • not require complex, special care and undemanding to food.
  • It is not decorative, sofa toy.He's in perfect health, always optimistic and sea energy.


  • If you like the calm and imposing dogs that walk with a host of up and protect one terrible eye, the Beagle - dog is not for you.This is not a Rottweiler or German Shepherd.
  • buying a puppy child, keep in mind that young beagle is very energetic, and can be difficult to keep on a leash.Escaping, he can take to interest him in the trail and get lost.
  • Alone (in general, as well as any other kid rock), beagle puppies may chew on furniture, carpet, drag and tear everything up and find something reach.By the way, this tendency is reduced if you have two dogs, so they do not suffer from loneliness, to leave without you.

Features care

beagle puppies a stunning curiosity.They will scurry for you all day, prevented from doing cleaning, vtseplyayas in cloth or broom and poke around a black nose.Basic care for the kids includes timely feeding, walks (increasing in duration with the growth of the dog), as well as the attention and affection.Nothing causes such grief puppy as caring owner for the whole long day.

The kids, of course, adorable all its immediacy, gravely and sonorous bark.Margin of safety camera to detail was captured breed beagle.Photos usually have great success with friends and family.

grooming too simple.Enough to wipe the dog during moulting moist towel.Bathing can be no more than an interval of six months.

place dogs

It is a sensitive issue, because to teach him a beagle is very difficult.He will fall, and sleep enough where it will overtake fatigue, not bothering to search for his bed.And often their sleeping place they choose the sofa or the bed of the owner.Let one unfortunate baby sleep with you - and the more of it I will not drive.Therefore, the first day of the appearance of a puppy into your home, remember that a beagle - a hunting dog that will not freeze in their cozy cottage, and it does not need to take to his bed and cover with a blanket.

Eating your dog

Today, there are two directions:

  • natural diet;
  • dry food and canned meat.

Each of them has its pros and cons.But if you choose a ready-made, dry food, the maximum attention is paid to quality, usually cheap, popular brands - this is not what is needed for normal growth and development.Natural breast slightly profitable, but more costly in terms of time on cooking.It should include meat, up to 70%, cereals and vegetables, as well as the full vitamin and mineral complexes.

Beagle never refuse a meal, but if this is normal for a puppy, adult dog that when overfeeding will quickly begin to gain weight, which is bad for her health.

Walking and physical development

Since this hound movement it needs the air.And it is not only to remove the leash and to sit on the bench until the pet sports.He needs constant contact with the owner, so stock up right balls, sticks and other toys for outdoor games.We now just beginning to gain popularity breed beagle, a souvenir photo with the handsome have repeatedly asked in the yard or in the park.

sure to go for a walk should be twice a day, and once for a long time, in any weather and time of year.Well oncoming, beagle will sleep at home.

Education and training

Beagles are very smart, it would seem, have yet to grasp on the fly and easily.Apparently, intelligence suggests the dog that bit slukavil, you can get a promotion, without effort, which requires the owner.

start classes should be almost from the first day, when the child crossed the threshold of your home.Schooling to place clearly on the feeding routine, toilet, obedience - all this requires consistency, confidence and strength.And no, "let alone once" should not be.If the dog is naughty, she should be punished, he did well - is encouraged.Of course, love, affection and encouragement to be as much as possible, then automatically reduces the number of offenses.

experience in taming If not, sign up for courses in the next Dog Training Center.The specialist will lecture you on each case, it will help to resolve all the difficulties.

Disease Prevention

With the advent of a puppy in the house make sure to select a veterinarian, who will observe it.He will make you a schedule of vaccinations and compulsory visits.At any other time, you can refer to it if the behavior of the dogs were worrying signs.

In general, beagles have enviable health.Aside from obesity, which may be a consequence of feeding an excess or lack of physical activity, they have characteristic diseases.They live a long time, 12-15 years.

use hunting

Today, there are few who believe that the beagle hunting is appropriate, but its purpose - this is sniffing traces.It should be noted that the representatives of this species produced in the whole pack of animals, then as now, few people even holding two dogs.

dog is different enviable persistence: going out on the track, it will tirelessly go on it, giving a voice that allows the hunter to follow her.There are now fans who appreciate this quality.Alone beagles used in the hunt for hares and rabbits, and the pack can be released on the wounded animal boar or deer.Almost perfect sense of smell allows these dogs to work in the toughest conditions.

another purpose - a search for drugs and explosives at the border.They have served well, but because of the cheerful nature and penchant for pranks, they can be difficult to coach.


need a true friend and companion - a beagle dog, reviews about which you can find the most controversial.Remember that buying a puppy, you take on more responsibility, and how it will grow up to you.If you are a very busy person, you will not work, neither this nor any other species, any dog ​​requires a lot of time.Attention, affection, and with the consistency and rigor - these are the principles that should guide you to the puppy grew docile and you do not have a desire to give it in good hands.