If a pet - the kid, his nickname should be original and creative

Our lovely pets sometimes become so close that are perceived as family members.And it does not matter to which the family belongs to an animal or species: furry cute kitty or a playful puppy, proud and sluggish iguana resembling dinosaur reduced in size or voracious pink frog aquarium.

What's hiding under the pseudonym of an animal?

We love all of them, play with them, feed and caress, whether it is a miniature pig, or a cheerful home-Jumping kid.Klitschko, who awarded the pet is an indication of tenderness, pride and creativity of its owner.

Sometimes pet owners give their pets, appeared in the same year, the names of one letter.In every new period of "duty," the letter changes: in the first year of all animals referred to in the "A", the second - the names given to the "B" and so on.Thus, you can easily determine when the kid was born, a nickname which, for example, Bruce.And yet it is believed that the name of the animal determines its fate.

name of the animal and its future

For example, a goat, a nickname that was Milka (meaning two "source code", "cute" and the English version of the word "milk", adapted to the Russian-speaking manner of pronunciation), when grown up, began to give manymilk.But how much trouble it was, according to the owners, with her brother!This troubled kid, which has been nicknamed Weasel, managed to get into the most impenetrable jungle.Once he even climbed into the latrine.It was in the village and Weasel opening horns vertushok at outdoor toilets, slipped inside, tucked into the opening horn, then the head, pull their socks and ... plunged into smelly muck!Saved him only what he ran into a wall of the drive-barrels the forelegs and elbows in a ridiculous posture began to scream loudly in fright.Save it was only after it was dismantled floor in the closet.But despite the fact that the goat thoroughly washed, has an excellent sense of smell and disgust relatives for a long time I did not admit it to his flock.So I tormented and alone for almost two weeks the poor kid.

Nickname pet appearance

Very often animals are called on any ground such as color.In this case, the best will be the name for the black kid Sandpiper, and still are: swarthy, raven, Gypsy, Voronet, Raven.If it's a girl, then fit nicknames: Nigella, Nochka, Raven Jackdaw, Gipsy, Aza, Cherry.Names for white kids - Squirrel, Squirrel, Belyanochka, Snowball, Snow White, Snezhanna a Squirrel, Beljak, Snowball.Although people with a sense of humor can beat the consonance of words and name the animal beluga belyashi, Belladonna.And some go even further, using the most current charade names of their pets.For example, some call Rafik little white kid, because refined sugar - Sugar is, and he is known to be white.

goat.Nickname temperament and habits

This method is the most simple and interesting.The hosts, who like to give nicknames to people, be sure to take advantage of their habits, coming up with the name of the animal.And there Shustrik, Sonulya or Sonia, Screamer, or Shoutbox Creek, Taciturn or Molchunishka, spindles, turntables or Vertushok.Funny nicknames can reward kids who love to climb anywhere in the height.They are called climbers, climber, circus.Always dirty kid who manages to climb into the far corners of the barn, where collects all the web, called chimney sweeps, and the goat, which is constantly licking, as if it brings beauty - Voobrazhuley or fashionista.Who likes to lie on the grass around with head held usually tease Baroness or princess, a queen or princess or Senorinoy Countess;the representative of the opposite sex are the same root nicknames derived from these.And it is impossible to ignore conventional Krasulia, Krasav, handsome, cuties, daughters, son, Kozyrok, Trumps, Malashek, commanders, Rogachev, Rogulek, slingshots, Ljubasha, pets and Borek.

Funny nicknames kids

Sometimes four-legged friends are given names of popular characters of books, films and computer games.These are Fantomas, SpongeBob, Tom Sawyer, Izaura, Charlie.The most creative pet owners might even be called an animal name or surname of a famous actor or actress, politician or businessman, a neighbor.What is the purpose of these people, it is difficult to guess.But this choice of name, of course, is not the best.And if the question arose of how to name the kid is creative, it is better to base an abstract concept or the name of the object is absolutely not related to goat circle.For example, to be ridiculous and harmless nicknames Bagel, flirt, nightingale, Dushegreyka, Decanter, Banana, Strawberry, Potato, Thermos, Geography, Globe, Orange, Pineapple.Many are adopting the names of characters from fairy tales Nosov Dunno about: Asterisk and Chamomile, donuts and Swifty, Shpuntik and harp.And others will fall to the liking of the names of the dwarves who lived Snow.

But the main thing is not even a nickname which will be given to a kid.Animal happy to run to his master as he called it either, if it is to feel the care, love and affection.