How to teach a hands wavy parrot?

Education and training - a complex process requiring the maximum consistency and patience.And it does not matter who will educability: baby, puppy or a parakeet.Buying wavy chick, just need to make sure that you do not sell adult or old parrot, and the rest - a trick.

Introduction to bird

usually ask about how to teach a parrot wavy hand, buyers are starting to still in the shop.But do not immediately on arrival home to rush to carry out all the recommendations.Wait!Parrot has experienced a lot of stress when he caught a total of cells, where he lived with relatives, suffered agonizing moving, and finally found himself in an unknown location.Well, when the breeder chicks accustomed to the hands dealt to them, if not, you parrot - a terrible monster.

Council № 1. The cage should be prepared in advance, filled feeders and waterers.Running parrot, cover it with a light, translucent fabric, so he had time to realize that it's safe, have food, adapt to odors.A few hours later the tissue can be remov

ed, giving the bird an opportunity to observe the scene.

Council № 2. The best way how to teach their hands wavy parrot - is to keep the process as much as possible of course.The first few weeks do not need to clean the cage and create extra noise when filling feeders and waterers.Passing by, talk to the parrot, watch his behavior.As soon as he stopped running away to the far end of the perch at the sight of your approach, you can go further.Now you can linger a long time about the cell.If the bird pecks food calmly, despite your presence there, try to offer the treat through the bars, and after a successful feeding - with arms.

Council № 3. Do not take the bird in hand, when it is clearly terrified and protests such action.When enough of the parrot you know, he starts to take wing on hand and seek out the palm of a treat.Any violence throws far back the process of education, and because these birds vindictive, your dream of a handsome manual may never come true.

continue to communicate at will

Taming the parrot to the hands can be considered complete when the bird sits quietly on the outstretched arm into the cage, even if there are no treats.Now you can try to gently remove cells from the limb.Parrot can remain seated in her pereporhnut to perch or fly on their first walk around the room.Any behavior in this situation is to talk about the degree of adaptation.

now offers even more features in the issue of how to train their hands wavy parrot.On the walk he will be more active interest in you, try to sit on the shoulder or on the head, tickle the ears or pull hair.Another favorite form of communication - it is a game lies in the fact that the beak to pull something hidden in his hand, or pull the ribbon.You and your pet can come up with a lot more features having a good time.Most importantly - do not force things.Give the parrot time to explore the room and begin to return home.Do not worry, the first time he dared to sit on his shoulder, still have time to pat him on the back.Patience here - the best helper.

How long will this adaptation

transformation of wild birds in a completely manual, which dives confidently into the hands of the owner, flying freely around the room, depending on the age of the parrot and his past experience.Chick-fed person can averse hands in the first days after the purchase.Adult birds grown in other common cell, where the function was to replace the host trough may remain wild for months, if not years.Injured parrot, who has behind him a negative experience with a man (catching, despite fierce resistance, hurt) can never you do not trust.

turn to water procedures

probably all seen the funny video about how to have fun splashing in the water budgies.How to teach your pet and swim?There is nothing difficult - almost all the birds love the warm water, the sparrows and pigeons remember in puddles after rain.You are required to give the parrot the opportunity and the chance to make their own choices and to decide whether he wants to swim or not.What are the options?

  • Special kupalka.Mounted in the cell, it is a plastic structure, which is poured into water.Usually kupalki fairly close, so not everyone likes birds.
  • usual litter box that you can put next to the cell or even the cell itself.There where plenty of splash.
  • imitation of the pool with plants.If the bird flatly ignore all of the proposed ways to take a bath, put her cup with a slightly recessed lettuce.
  • Adding kupalki various delicacies, fruits and berries also stimulates interest in the first phase.
  • Some birds like to take a shower - try to sprinkle a parrot from a spray.Be sure to water should be very warm.But if your pet evinces displeasure, so it is not an option.

not forget a few rules.Water kupalke must be clean and warm.When you give a bird the opportunity to take a bath, Check the absence of drafts and clear bathing, if the room is cold.

Every word, two word - teach a parrot to talk

sequence must be precisely this: first, adaptation and trusting relationships, then teaching.One can hardly imagine that the balls in horror at the sight of the owner, the parrot is able to learn anything.How to teach a parrot to talk wavy?It refers to our teaching abilities, talent than most birds.The outcome will depend on how you set up for success, how much time a day ready to give training feathered friend.The process of learning is based on a mechanical repetition of the same phrase with the same intonation, every word should be "cut off", otherwise the whole parrot remember one phrase, illegible word.

daily classes of 20 minutes in the early morning and in the evening (at this time parrots are more receptive to learning) will necessarily result.If you notice that while having a bird stops and starts to yawn, you're close to success.Important emotional tone of your words, while the meaning and content are irrelevant.We host a pair of birds, too often there is a question about how to teach budgies talk, but usually are in a society of their own kind, they communicate only in bird language.


You do not need any special techniques to acquire knowledge on how to teach their hands wavy parrot.All your tools - is patience and tenderness.Do not get ahead of ourselves, let the bird a chance to believe you.Repetition of already achieved results will enable to fix it and build a platform for the next step.