Decorative rat Dumbo: a cute little friend

Rat Dumbo got its name because of the unusual disproportionate ears.They are an essential characteristic of the breed.Currently, there are two types of ears:

  • type "tulip".The upper part of the eye a little wrapped up like a petal.If you press your finger lightly on the ear, you can see that one ear round.
  • Another type - fully open ears ("saucer").

Dam wider head than other breeds of rats, neck protrudes slightly.The body is proportional, pear-shaped.The muzzle him sharp.This feature is a sign of the purity of the breed.Rodent tail may be short or long.Wool cover is different:

- Standard.Short silky coat that covers the whole body.

- Satin wool.This is another kind of cover.Coat is longer, only the tail, muzzle and ears is a little shorter.

- Rex - coarse texture of coat, even long hair and curly.

- Sphinxes or bald rat.This kind of withdrawn due to the action of mutated genes.The skin in these rats wrinkled, pink, gray or other colors.

- Manx (tailless rat).This kind of happened as a resu

lt of mutation.When buying these rats have to be very careful, as many unscrupulous sellers want to give ordinary rodents whose tail was docked in childhood, with the representatives of the exotic.

nature and nicknames

These rats are less active than the other relatives.They quickly become accustomed to the owner and become tame.This rodent can quickly accustom to the name, as well as to ensure that it is the first call back to the cell.

When you choose a nickname for Krysenko, try to make it simple and sonorous, as rodents tend not to remember the long word.Best of all, if the name will be present consonants ("k", "m", "n", "c", "r", "w", "e"), so your pet easier on the ear to perceive it.For example, a female can be called Goldie, Bonia, Dean, Lala, Sonia and Ollie, and male - Ballou, Vinnie, Teddy, Pete Shonya, Duck or Tosh.

Rat Dumbo after some time to learn how to respond to the sound of your voice and will run to you.If you plan to let your pet run, you must first teach it to the hands, and then returned to the cell.Teaching rodent, remember that it's not a dog, so please be patient.

Important features

breed was developed in the laboratories of California in 1991, and in Russia these creatures were brought from England in the 2000s.

If you're wondering how many live rat Dumbo, you should know that the lifespan of rodents is three years.

representatives of the breed grow up to 20 centimeters.Females weighed from 200 to 400 grams, and males - from 250 to 500 grams.

Rats Dumbo: care and maintenance

These active pets for superior mental abilities hamsters and guinea pigs.Such rodents do not need special care.It should be noted that the rat Dumbo marks its territory.Another feature: These animals gnaw everything they falls under the teeth, so you need only to supervised release pet for a walk around the apartment.

Dangerous to such animals following plants: agave, daffodils, kolanhoe, azalea, Kala, nightshade, olenadr, buckeye, dieffenbachia, lupine, lily of the valley, mistletoe, Poinsett County, amaryllis, crocus, clove, geranium, milkweed,ferns, myrtle, tomato (leaves), hydrangea, ivy, rhododendron, begonia, Dory, tulips, hyacinths, cyclamen, aloe.

Cage Cage rodents (or rodents) must be located away from drafts and the sun.Desirably, the temperature in the room in which the rat lives Dumbo was about 20 degrees.The cage should be made of metal and spacious.Wood and plastic housing are not suitable, since the rat happily sgryzet obstacle.

It is advisable to have a pet in a cage was equipment for rest and sleep.For example, it may be a house.It can be purchased at any pet store, or do you make yourself.To rodents was not bored, you can have multiple rats of the same sex.If you plan to offspring, and then buy the females and males.

litter as bedding can use chips or thick paper.Fine dust - it is not the best option, as they may accidentally get into the eyes or rodent airways.Clean the cage should be at least dirt or odors - about 2 times a week.With disinfectants need to handle it once a month.


in rodents must be fresh water drinkers.To change it you need every day.The diet should be balanced rats.You can give them millet, oats, and, of course, and barley.In the diet, add the heart, kidneys and liver.If you will give rodents nuts, you will not only feed the pets, but also allow them to whittle teeth.

Encourage rat can slice some fruit, such as banana, pear, apple, peach and plum.Occasionally you can make dried fruit (raisins, apricots, dates, etc.).Adult representatives fed twice, and kids - four.

Prohibited products

Dumbo rats can not provide the following products:

  • chocolate;
  • raw potatoes;
  • bean curd;
  • legumes;
  • raw beans;
  • cheese;
  • artichokes;
  • liquorice;
  • rhubarb;
  • sausage;
  • green bananas;
  • spinach.

wary of rats fed with such products:

  • beets;
  • almonds;
  • turnips;
  • pumpkin and sunflower seeds (less than 15 pieces, since they contain fats, which may lead to the development of disease);
  • radish;
  • cucumber;
  • cheese (no more than twice a week);
  • cream (this fat product, so we can not give a rat once a week);
  • eggs (this is a delicacy for rats, which can treat no more than twice a week).

Pros and cons kind

Funny appearance - a definite plus rock.

Decorative rat Dumbo unpretentious in feeding and maintenance.

the downside is the fact that the proceeds from the dwelling rodents characteristic odor.With timely harvest can avoid its occurrence.


conclusion Now you know what a rat dams.Photos that are in the article will help you to explore in detail the rodent.If you want to become the owner of the pet, you should know that there are no particular difficulties in the maintenance and feeding you will not have.