How to care for cats?

Decided to get a fluffy cat?You imagine how fervently she played with a ball of thread and rejoices every time your appearance, a friendly wagging tail?Of course, you made the right choice.However, you do not have the slightest idea of ​​how to care for the cats, what to feed, whether to be vaccinated, sterilized.It just seems that mustache predator does not require much attention, in fact it is not so.

course, described below tips and advice will be very helpful for those who want to get Murka, but absolutely do not know how to care for the cats.

Proper nutrition

The first thing to ensure proper nutrition your pet striped.It must be balanced and rational, or the health of your Murka could be in jeopardy.

Those who are particularly concerned with the question of how to care for cats should know that when feeding is better to prefer natural products.Firstly, a "Wiskas" turkey meat content usually does not exceed 10%.Secondly, in the artificial mixture manufacturers frequently add ingredients th

at induce tolerance to them, which is also not good.

On the day of the cat should be fed 2 times.Its menu should be about 150 grams of fish, the same amount of meat and dairy products, borsch, porridge and soups.However, it should stipulate that a statutory power to admit individuals who lead an active lifestyle.

If it is a predator, habitat is - the usual city apartment, you will need to use a different principle - it is a portion of the foods that she eats at a time.

However, experts who thoroughly understand how to care for cats, noted that universal recommendations on how much should be given to animal products, no, because all depends on the individual.


Under the above term is commonly understood as a specific set of activities aimed at maintaining pet health.


Remember that care for dogs and cats - which means, first and foremost, ensure that the state in which they are wool.It should be soft, shiny, without the tangles and parasites.The natural habitat of the animal regularly cleans his "fur" with the language, so bathe him once again there is no need.

However, considering the question of how to care for a domestic cat, it is necessary to mention that the combing her hair you still have to once per week, and during moulting - more often.Some breeds, which include the Angoras and Persians require daily brushing.

Remember that a cat should be cut only in the event of force majeure, for example during illness.This is due to the fact that the re-up the original length hair may not grow.

Many are interested in the question of how to care for a cat of the British, namely whether it can be cut.A significant part of the experts do not advise to do it, because the standard of this type of animal to be short plush fur, besides "bald British" is not allowed to participate in exhibitions.

Care for teeth and ears

Future Cat Lady and cat owner will also need to regularly take care of their teeth and hold them pitomitsy daily cleaning.In addition, it will be necessary to monitor the state of the ears and from time to time to remove them from the dust and dirt particles using cotton swabs.

Health - above all

Bearded predator should always be healthy, and your immediate objective is that it avoided by all diseases and ailments.It is important to engage in preventive health.

First of all, you need to be vaccinated, and from an early age.Today, there are complex products that protect against multiple diseases at once.Certain vaccines must be done twice, and in some cases three times.What is needed vaccines will tell veterinarian visits which have become regular.This vaccine needs to be done not only "street" animals, but also a "home."

note again: who wants to learn how to properly care for your cat should be aware that a routine inspection of the animal by a veterinarian should be regular (at least once a year).

Reproductive function should be monitored

felinology worldwide are advised to make a mandatory spaying and neutering "Murok" and "Barsik".What is the sterilization of cats?How to care for your pet after surgery?There are several options: the tug of the fallopian tubes, removal of the ovaries, uterus or both of the two.Terms pitomitsy care depends on the type of operation, of them will tell you in detail a veterinarian.As for cats, then they used castration - removal of the testicles surgically.It should be emphasized that the technology of the above procedures have long been worked out, and any threat to the health, and even more so is life.

Naturally, the above operations are not exposed to individuals who have been pre-selected for bearing offspring.

When kittens nezhelaemy better to resort to sterilization or castration.In addition, you will not be disturbed, "March" cries that annoy many cat owner.

However, it is important to remember that the absence of sexual health disorder can cause a cat or a cat.Sterilized cats and neutered seals, tend to be more compliant and affectionate to their masters than "complete" individuals, and they do not always lead an active lifestyle.In this case, you must particularly ensure that they do not get sick from obesity.They are not in any case be desirable to overfeed and regularly play with them.

When to do spaying and neutering

spaying and neutering to perform optimally at a time when the cat has finally formed physiologically, the attraction to the opposite sex is just starting to emerge.As a rule, the period between the ages of one to three years.It should be noted that castration "Barsik" may be subjected to and at the time when he was mated with "Murka", but spayed cat, which has already hatched offspring - is highly undesirable, since it could have negative consequences for her health.

It should be emphasized that sterilization - technically more complex procedure than castration.In addition, it is perceived by the animals more painful.

And what will happen when the cat castration carried out late?He will continue to adhere to the behaviors of the male: a prolonged howl in March, mark territory, scratching blankets and pillows.This is due to the fact that after the removal of the testes of male hormone (testosterone) is still produced in the body moustached predator and he, as before, it may take an interest in the opposite sex.

In a situation where castration is already impractical (due to backwardness of the procedure) as well as to minimize the negative effects of the March of animal behavior used hormonal drugs that weaken the libido.

Care pregnant cat

Very many are interested in the question of how to care for a pregnant cat.It should be noted that individuals awaiting progeny still require more careful handling to itself than in the normal state.

First of all, make sure that the food to the animal was varied and always fresh.Increase the amount of food intake by about 15-20% in comparison with the number of products for cats in its normal state.A pregnant cat should eat 4-5 times a day in small portions.After four weeks of gestation offspring added to the diet of foods rich in proteins and proteins (milk and meat).You want to have your pitomitsy received a balanced diet while waiting for kittens - purchased at a pet store special food for cats "in position."

However, the question of how to care for a pregnant cat, is not limited to an aspect of good nutrition.If during this period it exhibits a maximum of activity - can not keep her in this.However, if it is excessively sports and play, then take care that it does not take too high a surface, or because of the clumsiness could happen fall and the likelihood of the offspring may be compromised.How to treat a cat when she is expected to offspring?This will tell you no better than a veterinarian.It should be inspected regularly and observe the animal.


plant fluffy cat, you get not only a loyal friend, but also a healer, because it is known that in some cases "Murka" and "snow leopard" can facilitate and relieve pain, weakness and depression.Remember that if you surround your pet a warm, caring and affection, he will answer you the same.