Ingrown nails: Causes and Treatment

Ingrown nail is a disease that is characterized by the so-called ingrown nail the basics, ie the nail plate in the nail fold.All this is accompanied by severe pain and very severe inflammation of soft tissues directly.

This phenomenon occurs most often on the big toe.The reasons it is, primarily, congenital predisposition to this.In addition, wearing shoes inappropriate size and cutting angle of each nail and causes it to abnormal growth.Many people often ask how to treat ingrown nails.Respond to this question is simple.Almost always required surgical care.In order to ease the suffering of the sick person should prepare a bath in which the salt is poured into water, heated to fifty degrees.This helps to reduce swelling and inflammation.Salt Warm water promotes softening of the nail and skin in this area.To avoid infection, you need to take a warm bath to which is added potassium permanganate or furatsilin.These procedures should be performed every day.

Ingrown nail.What to do in such a situation?Th

e above described methods are simply slightly alleviate human suffering.However, it is necessary to deal with the disease in a different way.Visible results primarily achieved only by using a special surgery.It is called radio wave.If the case is not very difficult, in such a way will be removed only a small portion of the nail has a modified roll with it themselves.As a result, all the symptoms subside significantly, irritation, inflammation and the swelling subsides.As for the damaged nail, his form after about two - three months is completely restored.If the nail is severely deformed and deeply rooted in the nail fold, and out of this came the nail pus, nail simply removed entirely.It is worth noting, in this situation damaged the main area of ​​the nail plate.This is an area of ​​growth.That is why after the operation the new nail can acquire an irregular shape.The situation is repeated.The most effective method to date is considered to laser correction.It is important that this operation practically does not injure the nail and the growth zone.In this case, the nail is not removed entirely.Vaporize only the part that has grown into the nail fold and the edge of the area of ​​its growth.The possibility of relapse in this case is unlikely.

Ingrown nail - this is not always a reason for major surgery.You can choose to avoid such interference, using specific corrective springs, brackets and plates.They have gradually straightened deformed nail plate.To do this, you must attach this device is already spoiled nail.It should be noted that these springs or clamps, for example, do not prevent playing sports and wearing shoes.They seemed to lift the ingrown part of the nail, which in turn helps to reduce high pressure in the nail fold, relieves severe pain and, of course, corrects wrong growing nail.

In conclusion, it should be noted that modern medicine makes it possible to dispense with major operations in the event of a disease called "ingrown nail."In addition to all the above, the best results of this treatment is most often achieved if the operation to remove the nail passes using a special radio wave devices, such as laser surgery.The main thing - it's time to seek professional help, do not tolerate and do not wait for the moment when the nail is strongly deformed.