Nails sharp.

Long nails - the dream of almost every fashionista.But few people can grow their own nails to the desired size while boasting of their health and appearance.Often, for these purposes have resorted to building technique.The procedure is not of the fast, but if you break off the nail, the case comes before the blood is unlikely.Oh, and do not feel so sorry for the artificial than natural, which have to cherish for a long time.The latest rage in manicure nails sharp steel, the design of which is also significantly stepped forward, providing an opportunity to experiment.

However, no matter how it was beautiful, yet there is a clear framework, which should adhere to.To begin with - do not make too long nails, if the purpose of your place with them for longer than one night and still perform all household chores and cooking yourself.Nails sharp Naroscheny can be very fragile and break down faster than a similar manicure with another form.And it's not so much in the small region, but in the mastery manicuris

t.Each nail requires meticulous processing and is not dependent on the material from which they are made.Therefore, in order to increase the sharp nails, the design of which also requires a certain skill, it is best to choose a specialist, you are personally checked more than once.

However, this manicure is not enough one desire and skillful master.In order that the hands looked aesthetically pleasing with a manicure, it is necessary that they are small, thin, short fingers.If your fingers are thin but long, it is better to make short nails sharp.Their design in this case will also differ from conventional aimed at visual brush elongation.If your fingers are plump or palm wide and short, it is best not to try a manicure with this form.It only emphasize the natural shape and will look extremely inappropriate and ugly.

Nail Design acute form is characterized by special requirements and care in the process.You can not use a bulk molding in general and poluobemnyh, placing it on the edge of the nail.In addition, a large array of items can give your nails too cumbersome, because the thin fingers.In addition, the acute form of nail design, perfectly combined with abstract drawings, which are often performed by using contrasting combinations, surreal moments or bright colors.This manicure is perfect for the modern, emancipated youth representatives.Floral motifs never go out of fashion and they are perfect for you if you have sharp nails.Designed in the same style as always, different romance and tenderness and an unusual form should be emphasized some elements of the picture, for example, sharp leaves, toward the edge.

In order to Naroscheny sharp nails looked as natural as possible, you need to find a pattern that visually lengthen the nail plate.This rule is suitable for all versions of manicure with this form.The fact that short pointy nails do not look very aesthetic, giving animal rapacity and create the effect of claws.Hardly anyone would want a manicure.Therefore, if a very long fingernails do not suit you, then extend them visually.

It is difficult to say immediately whether with manicure comfortable and pleasant whether he client, but risk still stands.At least in honor of any party.A sudden sharp nails - this is yours and you do not want to do another form ?!In addition, a person gets used to everything, even if at first it does not look very nice in his opinion.So, experiment and do what pleases you!

wish you beauty and aesthetics at any time!