Learn how to take home the acrylic nails quickly and qualitatively

How to take home acrylic nails?These questions to ask every woman who has ever retained the services of manicurist and build his nails.

begin with what is generally acrylic nails?Acrylic - a mixture of polymer powder or powder with a monomer liquid.The interaction of the two substances form a polymer that rapidly solidified in air.This mixture is gently applied to the nail plate or in the form or tipsy.After the acrylic hardens, carefully cut away all the irregularities and any form of machined nail.At the end of the nail carefully zapolirovyvayut.If the master has done a quality job, the acrylic nails are very hard to distinguish from the real thing.In addition, acrylic nails are very strong.Sami plate is so strong that it is very difficult to damage them, despite the fact that they are very elastic and flexible.Correction is carried out even at the slightest injury, unlike gel, which can only be re-remake.In addition, acrylic nails can wash and wash dishes, because chemicals do not act on them.Anoth

er advantage is the ease of polish removing nail plates.Learn more from the master, you will understand how to remove acrylic nails home.Rest assured, it is not difficult.

There are several ways.Before the procedure, you must remove the length of the nail using nail clippers.Then you need to remove the artificial material that is itself acrylic.The take off acrylic nails in salons?In specialty stores, acrylic nails removed with a special liquid, which instantly dissolves itself acrylic and home lacks an ordinary acetone.The most important thing - the right to carry out this procedure, since this will depend on the beauty of your nails.If you know how to take home the acrylic nails, you can run it without the help of wizards.

Method 1. We need cotton plates and liquid nail remover - Remover.It is available in all pharmacies and specialized stores.To start you need to soak cotton in the solution and wrap her fingernail.Then the very wool wrap with foil.Leave for 30 minutes, then remove the wool together with the foil.The remaining acrylic carefully remove with a toothbrush, and in some dry polish remover.This should be done carefully so as not to damage the nail plate, cuticle and skin.

Method 2 The second method required a deep plate or a cosmetic bath, you can use other dishes, the main thing that you feel comfortable to hold in her hands.Pour the solution into a bowl and dip your nails in it.Do this so that his fingers were as little as possible in this solution.It is not very scary, but if you keep your fingers in the solution can damage the skin.Hold nails need 30 minutes, then repeat the procedure of the first method.

method 3. To remove acrylic nails at home, there is a third way, which is very similar to the second with one difference: the plate with the solution you need to put in another bowl with hot water.Warm liquid solution enhances the action, which effectively splits the acrylic.Keep well as 30 minutes.The plate can be covered with a towel for the best effect.

Once you have cleared the nail plate from acrylic, they need high-calorie diet.To do this, you can rub into the nails slightly warmed oil, as a special Manicure and vegetable - olive, apricot or sunflower.Rub it easy massage movements.After the oil massage nails need to be polished soft suede polisher.This process of removing acrylic nails can be considered complete.Now that you know how to take home the acrylic nails and you can tell her friends.