Well-groomed hands and nails.

Hands woman should always be beautiful.This equally applies to the skin, and nails.To achieve this result, with the need to regularly take care of your hands.After washing, the skin should be handled moisturizer.The same should be done, and before going out.This is necessary to ensure that it was not dry and chapped.Once a week should be used scrub hands, it will make your skin softer.In addition, you can do baths for hands.

As for nails, in order to make them look more well-groomed, you must arrange them neatly.In this case, the best option - it's a classic French manicure.Unfortunately, how to do it, do not know all the modern girl.They often ask: "how to do a French manicure at home?".Of course, they can seek help from professionals, a beauty salon, paying a lot of money.Master completely hide any imperfections nails and make them more beautiful and neat.But to save money, you can learn how to do a French mankyur home.In fact, it is not difficult.Just in this case, we will need a great desire to ma

ke your nails beautiful and well maintained, as well as perseverance and patience.

question of how to do a French manicure at home, always worried about the girls.This is due to the fact that such menikyur is very popular all over the world.And, primarily because of practicality and simplicity of execution.

To know how to make the most French manicure, you must have an idea of ​​what should be the nails."French" implies the existence of square-shaped nails.

girl who wants to have perfect knowledge of how to do a French manicure at home should be able to take care of the nails before applying the varnish.First you need to cut and sawed nails.You also need to hold hands in a special bath in which you can add three or four tablespoons of vegetable oil, five drops of iodine and a few drops of lemon juice.After that you need to spread your hands uvlanyayuschim or emollient cream.To nail plates have been smoother, you need to treat them grinding sawing.

For this type of nail polish will require two.One should be solid, and the second - white.The first lacquer is applied to the entire nail.As for the white lacquer, they cover only regrown part of the nail.This should get thin white stripe.Many girls who are trying to perfectly learn how to do a French manicure at home, complaining that the white stripes are misaligned and too thick.Fortunately, this situation is quite solvable.In modern stores, which specialize in the sale of cosmetics, have departments that sell a variety of means for nails.There you can find special stencils for the French manicure.They are strips of white color.They need to be glued to the nail after applying a varnish skin color.It is necessary to pull back about two millimeters from the edge of the nail.This area should be white lacquer paint.With these stencils can be done very neat strips.And this, in turn, affect the fact that the nails will look well-groomed.These stencils are quite affordable.Thus in one package can be from 20 to 50 bars.In some even more.

To paints dry faster, you can use a special tool for quick drying polish.Usually, it is produced in the form of a spray.Once the nails are dry, you need to fix them with clear lacquer.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the French manicure is able to make more nails manicured and beautiful.