Funny lottery birthday

We are all well aware of the situation when, despite the joyous occasion to meet and tasty treats at the table, the holiday turns into a boring "gatherings."In this situation, the output is quite simple - you need to think in advance for the holiday fun contests or lotteries to prepare for his birthday.

Perhaps some skeptics such an idea at first seem dull and uninteresting, but we should not draw hasty conclusions.The fact that the lottery birthday different from the drawing of valuable prizes, to which we are accustomed to looking at the screens of our TV.Such games for the holiday will be an excellent occasion to have fun and get away from the boring pastime.

Prizes for participants

must say that lottery birthday celebration can be arranged for not only children but also adults activities.However, it is organizing the celebration for our kids turns into a very real performance, full of happy smiles and friendly laughter.Adults need to think through all the details of the organization of such

a child's holiday.First of all you need to start preparing a small gift or so-called "win" the lottery for participants.It's worth noting that this cheerful friendly competition does not have to leave behind even the slightest of negative emotions, so, especially in the children's festival, to be held lotteries for my birthday.We all need to understand that kids will be a tragedy if someone will not win, so let absolutely everyone lottery numbers must comply with certain gifts, let it be even a slight breeze.It is good for children, and a lottery for a birthday, even the most simple lollipop or a sticker with your favorite cartoon characters will cause a lot of positive emotions and a real delight of a child, because it is his personal gain, he will get stretched out his lucky number.

Organization games

So, first you need to make a number of lottery tickets.It can be white tennis balls, which you bright marker write different numbers, or simply cut colored paper figures with numbers (circles, squares, diamonds, etc.).On a separate leaf can write which number corresponds to a certain gift.For special importance can create a commission that will consist of parents of kids.Pull lottery tickets at a birthday party can be improvised from a bag or empty the tank round, in the end, fit any box from under the shoe, which can be pre-pasted colored paper or paint children bright markers.

declare prizes

And now - the main thing.Invent and draw the winning numbers will be much more interesting if the ad is present in the poetic form, and children can do together to cry out the name of the gift.For example, "You'll always detective, that's a flashlight for you," or "There is no pens, no lines, but there is a set of labels."In the end, it all depends on the imagination of the parents in the preparation of this fun competition, and all-knowing Internet will always help.

Do not miss, and you jolly holiday.By the way, it is no less fun and fun idea for the adult competition, with only minor changes, however, it all depends on your imagination.