How to fight off the girl the guy?

Many people think that discourage female - is an event that should bring its holder honor and respect.A girl or woman - is the prize at the joust.Yes it is, but nowadays women are very rare prizes.Basically, they are only the problems that are solved with a big waste of nervous and physical strength.

But if you still really liked the girl, and you're ready to go to any lengths to get it, then before you do anything, think about it.Firstly, before you fight off the girl the guy you ought to know, and if your fiancee loves another man, that is,the one with whom she meets.Often girls meet guys for profit.The benefit is different: it has a good appearance, it is popular among the female collective, he has a lot of financial opportunities, he likes it nedobrozhelatelnitse etc.All these reasons are very serious tool in the relationship between a man and a woman.Girls especially love themselves, as well, and secondarily love only themselves.It follows from this, to please a girl, you have to love it, too, or

to pretend that you are completely in her power.The main thing never expect reciprocity, for a serious relationship occur less frequently.A fleeting novelettes are almost always present.

So, if a girl is not in love with her current guy is your chance to ensure that discourage her from admirer, is very high.First and foremost, sorting out how to beat off a guy looking for a Woman, you have to understand that to be friends with a girl never worth it.This - the same thing to be friends with a tiger in a cage.As he fed you were not in danger, but when you get hungry, you'll be around to blame but you.Build relationships should always be through the principle of trust.Never tell a girl that you just came to stand next to or just go somewhere together.You always have to focus its attention on the fact that you're not just next to her and that she likes you as a woman, not as bystanders.

second rule in our course "how to fight off the girl the guy" - is never to try to look better than her current choice.Thus, you do not respect it.After all, she has chosen this man.And it follows from this that it is in your eyes, "a fool" and goes to someone unknown man.Praise her choice as well, you should not.That you belittled himself in her eyes.It is best to never start talking about her boyfriend.Even fleeting phrases of her boyfriend should be excluded.

Girls love confident, self-sufficient, successful, financially savvy young people.Alas, these young people do not look at her the other social classes.The most they will use them as an escort on different parties.And then it becomes immediately clear why boys drop out of girls.

Your chance is that you felt was not like others.This apparent stereotype female shows they are not best.Big chance you have to hit the girl the guy if you are a member of a subculture.In other words, if you Neformal, most of the females will be at your feet.Or vice versa, you are stylish, trendy, youth and love to go to clubs.In this case, you are not like everyone else, and you have a chance.This choice of women is due to the fact that a vivid manifestation of the guy says his views about his strength.However, it is not so, and the girls understand it after a flight of 22-23.Although there are only ones who understand it only after 25.

lot of guys trying to figure out how to split a guy with a girl.It can not be done!You become an ally for a couple of weeks, and then an enemy for life.So bad intentions to the Woman it is better to cut off.And in some cases it is better to avoid, because the guy can be a master of the sport of boxing, and the consequences can be dire.

The best way out - is to be close to the girl, trying to help her, but not to be intrusive.Try not to copy anyone, and no one to emulate.The sincerity of your feelings will be so visible to your beloved.Be yourself - and then issues like the guy Woman discourage you is no longer there.