Figures on nails for Beginners: original ideas and technology

Every woman wants at least sometimes to diversify your style.But a change of hairstyle, hair color or wardrobe - very responsible steps that require significant investments and involve risks, "and suddenly will not work?".Correction of failed decisions in these cases will take a long time, and what a girl is ready to take risks for the sake of momentary whims of the image?Especially when you can paint the nails and make it a little variety to the already proven way.

Figures on nails for Beginners: recruit arsenal of tools

To make nail art (so called drawing on nails in the professional sphere), will need a few tools, which already have the vast majority of girls.If they are not, then buy these "art stuff" is not difficult.

So, the first thing you will need - manicure set, to prepare for the application of nail polish.Then the required thin sewing needle or toothpick.Then prepare the wrist: if there is no professional, buy a conventional art and cut off the ends so that it has found a sharp poin

t.The thinner the resulting shape, the better.

as an additional means to make drawings on the nails, suitable for beginners and a small piece of foam crisp sequins or rhinestones.

Of course, in addition to the "tools" you need to stock up on paints different colors.It is desirable that one of them was a cold and neutral: glossy black or white.The purpose of these coatings is the most critical, because it is through them we will create drawings.You should also buy a nail-base: the color that will be the backdrop for the pattern.Make sure that the colors that match not only among themselves but also with clothing.

So, we learned that in order to make drawings on the nails for beginners at home there are many available tools to begin to create, not postponing it indefinitely.Now you need to think about how to use the tools can be found to decorate their nails.

The easiest technique of painting nails

These simple drawings on the nails for Beginners require a minimum of time and skills.To draw ornate flower should be prepared to put on the nail lacquer base.In order to pattern turned out, the layer should not be too tight, but not fine.Before the dry base and dripped on her in the form of flower 5 drops of black or white lacquer - one point - the middle and the rest around it.Then take a needle or toothpick, and interconnect droplets.To start of each "petals" to the middle, and then make two turns from the center - it will be a stem with leaves.The latter do not necessarily, it all depends on your taste.

Similarly way you can make a twig: Apply three drops along the nail plate, then connect them with a needle, the tip of its spending through a drop of traffic from itself, and a sprig ready.Do not forget about creativity: drawing can be colored!

Figures on nails for beginners are not limited to this technique, which already allows to implement the most unusual ideas.Thus, for example, by a piece of foam can be rime, if your nails - a winter windows that are "touched up" frost.

Take a nail-base soft blue tones.It can be pearl or high-gloss.However, please note that this figure should be to nail the pattern and texture of different bases, one of them should be glossy and the other pearl.

After a nail-base dry and well-entrenched on the nail, a piece of foam and take it to the dip a white lacquer.Blot with a "tool" in the area of ​​construction paper, and then press it to the painted nails.Do this on the entire nail plate.If you want "more frost", then apply a second coat of the same technology.

Decorate pictures on nails for Beginners: sequins and rhinestones

methods applying additional jewelry also has little secrets.To figure beautifully shimmers in the light, you will need a clear coat and shiny powder.

We need to take a brush, put it in a container of glitter, then shake off excess.Before that cover the nail plate with varnish.As long as the varnish is not entrenched, accurate movements of the brush to put glitter on the nail.Then apply another layer of clearcoat.This will secure the ornaments to manicure retain their original appearance longer.A similar technique is applied to the crystals.

Well, now you can add originality to your style with unique patterns on nails, made their own hands.Forward!