What to wear with a skirt on the floor?

Today maxi skirt can be worn not only in the hot season.She can replace pants with a jacket that you wear in the winter.They sit perfectly on any figures and wonderfully different camouflage imperfections.What to wear with a skirt on the floor and some accessories for her to pick up?

make the right choice

spring you simply can not do without such an article of clothing.However, quite difficult to choose, because the types and styles of skirts varied.But first, still to be preferred more simple models.Do not experiment.Select item jersey, black, dark blue or gray.Then it will be easier to decide what to wear a skirt of this length.Also, it is easy to care for and looks it well at all.The main thing - the right to choose a size.A model that has a high waist, is the most versatile, and it is simple enough to pick up things.Do not choose too long skirt, even if it covers only the top of the shoe, so you do not accidentally step on it.Beware of too large print, if you do decide on such clothes, choose a

fine pattern.

And what about the top

Do not long puzzled over what to wear with a skirt on the floor.Here are perfect shirt or blouse, both silk and cotton.On a cold night you can put on the park.A wonderful end of the entire image will be a great accessory and a beautiful clutch.To choose a neutral color skirt bright top and a dress with a print better to choose muted.If you put on top of the free, the bottom should be more fitting and vice versa.In winter, here the principle of "multi-layer".Scarves, jackets, sweaters will look very stylish with maxi skirts.You should not be afraid of mixing fabrics.In this embodiment, all quite acceptable.

Choose accessories

Accessories very good complement any image.Try to put on at least one decoration, a scarf or a bag to take with you.But the wrong-chosen accessories can hopelessly spoil the whole look.What to wear with a skirt on the floor, depends on your own preferences.But do not overload yourself with unnecessary details.Choose a beautiful garment, it is not necessary to focus on the jewelry.Together with a large necklace and do not wear earrings, and bracelet, choose something one.With bright earrings do not need to wear jewelry around his neck.Scarf is not only warm you in cold weather, but it will look great with a jacket, sweater or jacket.It can be wonderful to dilute the color of the rest of the neutral band.

What to wear on legs?

Quite often there is a question with which shoes to wear a skirt to the floor?Definitely answer is that you should not put on shoes worn shoes or not having any kind of flip-flops.Beautifully will look ankle boots or ankle.It looks good with the dress shoes without a heel.You can choose shoes with wedge heels, then your image will be a little deliberate.If you do not know what to wear with a skirt on the floor, keep in mind the basic rule that all things must only be combined, but in any case not be the same color.