False eyelashes: reviews are different

In our life sometimes there are moments when woman's appearance can dramatically change the false eyelashes.Reviews of this product are different - both positive and negative.And some such artifice at all indifferent.Let's face it.

False eyelashes: positive reviews

Women who love false eyelashes, note that this small detail can quickly and dramatically change the image of women.Eyes acquire expressiveness, sight becomes clearer, and make-up looks impressive.

Due to the fact that the focus is on the eyes become less visible minor flaws, such as uneven skin irritation and so on.Woman looks more groomed.

This attribute is indispensable for anyone who performs on stage because a stage make-up should be bright, so that the audience could see the facial expressions of the artist.

False Eyelashes are easy to remove, but pretty well kept.Of course, if it is a quality product.Moreover, the cilia can be used repeatedly, but before restarting the application you want to remove adhesive residue.

Another advantage of cilia - a lot of different options.Some look very natural and suitable for important meetings or appointments.But there is quite "crazy" models that emphasize your individuality and stand out to help, for example, with sequins, feathers and other ornaments.Cilia also sold a variety of colors - from classic black to deep green, purple and even exquisite "acid."

False eyelashes: negative reviews

Of course, no one product can not please everyone.Especially when it comes to "women's stuff".Most often complain about the products, those who decided to save money and bought a cheap cilia.In such cases, the accessory can come unstuck at the wrong time, or "fall" to the other extreme - do not come unstuck when it is needed.Of course, it is easy to imagine the emotions of a girl that was unique at the party, but does not exceed 1.5 hours from the bathroom to the beloved, t. To. With one eye cilia were peeled off, and the other - no.Of course, these "victims" will be discouraged from using friends of those goods.

eyelashes, reviews of which are negative and sometimes cause allergic reactions.Specifically, some women with sensitive eyes can go a reaction to the adhesive.Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it - even the most hypoallergenic adhesive can cause unpleasant consequences.

eyelashes beams: reviews

This type of cilia looks almost imperceptibly.They are not so difficult to stick.For greater convenience, you can use a pair of tweezers.As many may complain of lack of experience that is difficult to calculate the number and frequency of the beams sticking out, but comes with practice and skill to do it right.

Mascara "false lashes effect": reviews

Few praised such cosmetics.Most girls do not see any difference between this and a conventional ink dekorativki.Here are all individually and depends on the condition of "his" eyelashes.If they are short and straight, elongate decorative ink is unlikely to help.