What is amber and where does it come from?

Those interested in perfume is probably familiar scents class "amber", but wondered if anyone why he called, and all that is amber?In fact, no mystery in this.So called wax-like substance, which is formed in the digestive tract of the sperm whale.Among ordinary people, however, there is a version that amber is nothing but a whale vomit.However, scientists have long concluded that the substance is not formed in the stomach and in the intestine and excreted kashalotoobraznyh therefrom.

believed that the secretion of this substance caused wounds that cause the intestines of sperm whales sharp beaks of squid.However, accurate information about what is amber and exactly how it is formed, yet.It is collected on the coast, as well as whaling.There are four basic kinds: fresh, white, regular and black amber.Fresh product is practically useless, so experts usually advise to throw such finds in the sea for further maturation.White amber is the most expensive and rare - it is a very long time in the sea.Pieces o

f this type is usually quite small and the solid washed up as part of the substance and the surface oxide.The oldest pieces are easy to crumble into dust.

And what is the usual amber category?This material is gray-brown in color, it has a strong specific aroma, his pieces more, and the texture is less dense than in the preceding species, it may be some noticeable layering.Finally, the last type - black (low-quality) amber, which occurs most frequently.This material has been in the sea for a brief period, so almost no time to oxidize.Nevertheless pieces quite dense, although not always solid, and have a strong smell.

By the way, how the smell of the substance.As the quality of its flavor becomes thinner and sweeter.If the black amber may have expressed fecal odor note of the white you will feel a subtle sweet fragrance.Nevertheless, all categories of substance other than fresh, are used in perfumery and in alternative medicine.

fact that amber fragrance which is used to hold perfume, very valued in Eastern medicine, like mummies.However, due to the rarity and high cost to buy it is almost impossible, because a monopoly on the purchase of almost all reserves of amber are global manufacturers of luxury perfumes.However, in recent years, instead of musk, and it has been increasingly used synthetic fixing agents and perfumes.

is also believed that this substance literally exudes pheromones that attract the opposite sex, but this view is unlikely to have under the soil.Surely amber does not contain substances that attract people, but whales can and act.Still wondering what amber for whales, and what its original functionality.Scientists among other possible answers are also considering the option that this substance is a kind of report on the state of health, the genotype and carries other information about a particular individual cetaceans.