Greek makeup, or to create an image of the goddess

Women at all times dreamed look great, trying to recreate the image of the heroes of their time.So, the beauty of ancient Greece tried to be like goddesses, so the makeup trying to repeat their enigmatic image.Times change, and the Greek makeup and today is very popular.It is, in principle, considered to be by day, but at the same time effectively emphasizes the natural beauty and femininity.

Makeup in the Greek style, photo

Basic principles of Greek makeup

For such way as for any other, it is very important to achieve perfectly smooth tone of the face.With the help of modern cosmetic products make it easy.First we need to thoroughly clean the skin and moisturize her cream.Then use the sponge apply a small amount of tonal means.A good choice would be easy mousse (it hides the flaws, but at the same time does not look mask).Visible defects such as pimples, wrinkles, under-eye circles well mask the paint pen.Fix the result will light powder.

harmoniously accentuated cheekbones is cast a soft go

lden hue - a distinctive feature, which is characterized by a Greek makeover.With a large professional brush on the cheeks, apply a little blush chosen shade.Try a good shade means that there is no noticeable transition boundaries.

Greek makeover involves thick eyelashes and eyebrows, with clearly distinguished boundaries.Using a pencil two shades darker than the natural color of eyebrows is necessary to draw the every hair.Do not be afraid to go beyond the boundaries of their own eyebrows, but do not make them too thick.Select the optimum form for your specific type of person.

Makeup in the Greek style - it's expressive eyes.Usually it uses two shades of golden and brown.Shadow golden shade should be applied to the mobile eyelid, they also emphasize the line of the lower eyelid.For a more serious area under the eyebrows is recommended to cover the brown shadows.Use a soft brush should be carefully shaded hues, ensuring a smooth transition as possible.The next necessary step - a black arrow.With liner, draw a smooth straight line.Start from the inner corner of the eye and gradually thickening, slide it to the outer corner.The line should fly upward.Such a process would make the image much brighter and more expressive.Finally, with the help of mascara give your lashes volume and length to great effect mascara can be applied in two layers.

Greek Completes makeup applying lipstick.Opt the best names in the lipstick, not the glory.Since the "wet effect" on the lips is not in harmony with the image of the Greek goddess.Lip color, choose red and brown tones, it is desirable that they were noticeable golden overflow.

Greek makeup, combined with hairstyle and dress in the same style will help create a unique image.And then everyone's attention and gazes guaranteed.