Spirits "Champs Elysees" - uniqueness and perfection of flavor

The name of the spirits "Champs Elysees" taken from the name of the famous street, which is the heart of Paris, as well as the center of world fashion and place of glory, splendor, luxury.The top note of their combines the fruity accent peach with sweet melon mixed with anise and violets.A flower 'heart' (mimosa, May rose, peony and white lily of the valley) goes into an unobtrusive soft trail of sandalwood and cedar wood with the addition of warm vanilla.

Spirits "Champs Elysees" was presented in 1996.The most acceptable for their use is daytime.Spirits "Champs Elysees" perfectly suited for the curvy, elegant women who know how to be in the spotlight.

Fragrance perfume data rather strong and decent, while its "disclosure" is more fun.Spirits "Champs Elysees" not able to ever become boring, but on the contrary, anxious and have a delicate aroma.The fair sex of their love for the gentle smell of mimosa, which is able to make an aura of gentle flutter strong half of mankind and accompanies the woman

throughout the day.

Unable first time rasprobovat spirits "Champs Elysees".Reviews say that the first time is enough to get the probe in 2 ml and cause them quite a bit on the wrist.And already again a woman will have a desire to order a bottle of not less than 5 ml with spray.That's when you can feel what a beauty, they are able to burst out and play, changing depending on the time of day, the weather and the mood of women, as well as the people around her.But when applied to the hair perfume fragrance will be heard at every breeze.

only three drops is enough to feel the "Champs Elysees" - spirits, the price of which in this case is quite moderate.However, we must be very careful to treat counterparts, which are sold at very low prices.It's a fake, and her best option - unstable or inconsistent with the original flavor of the worst - an allergic reaction, so that the product can cause perfume.

Thus spirits "Champs Elysees" may be included in the category of gentle, soft and elegant fragrances for women.In them is embodied the spirit of a true French submitted elegance, chic, unpredictability and a small degree of audacity.This perfume is the finishing touch that creates a good mood.These spirits can be attributed to the classic range of floral scents, which for the past ten years, women all over the world admire.Due to the presence in the heart of the composition soft and spring scents of mimosa, lily of the valley and lilac combined with elegant rose and peony, you can mentally go back to the real atmosphere of France.This fragrance was created not for every day, but only for very important things that I want to capture in the memory for a long time.Also, these spirits can serve as a wonderful gift that can please any woman.After all, the classic perfumes priceless.