Hair dye "L'Oreal".

hair - this is what women are paying attention.Their beauty always attracts glances of men.To achieve this, sometimes it is necessary to exert maximum effort and resources.But sometimes, you just need to freshen up the color of the strands, giving them the brightness and brilliance.For this great hair dye "L'Oreal".The color palette is represented by a large number of options.


"Loreal" - a French company that produces cosmetics for over 100 years.In the last century, chemists have investigated the problem of hair coloring, whereby there was a first dye "L'Oreal".Next was based cosmetics company, has become a sensation in this area.Today palette of paint colors, "L'Oreal" includes many shades and therefore is in high demand among women.

For every taste

Company "Loreal" produces several series, each of which consists of a rich palette.Therefore, every woman can choose the color to your taste.What is a hair dye "L'Oreal"?The color palette includes a series of Inoa cosmetics without am

monia.With this, the stage dyeing passes more sparing.The paint does not cause burning and itching of the head.Production of another series, Casting Creme Gloss, also does not have ammonia in their composition, but effectively paints a gray hair.It is designed to impart natural color.Royal jelly, which is contained in the paint, making the curls soft and gentle.What you can create a hair color?Palette "Loreal" in this series include chocolate, black, plum, red, brown, brown and caramel hues.

"L'Oreal Excellence"

This is a special series, which includes several areas, but it is a quality hair dye "L'Oreal".The color palette of the collection contains mostly natural colors.L'Oreal Excellence Crème - it's 29 shades from copper to blonde.Excellence Browns Extreme - paint it brown colors, which includes 6 variants.Here there are shades of red, gold and a little beige.Excellence Resistant Gray represented by 6 colors brown tones - from light to dark.Reds Extreme - it's three shades: copper, gold and red.To become a blonde, you should choose a series Blondes Extreme, which includes three colors, intended to lighten the hair.The latest collection is called a series of Excellence Excellence Liquid.This 15 golden hues.

Additional information

new cream Series L'Oréal Preference presented fashionable shimmering shades.This 45 colors from blonde to black diamond.The company has developed several series, which are designed for specific hair types.Blondes can use the paint line Preference Mega Blondes, brunettes - Preference Mega Browns, redheads - Preference Mega Reds.All of this hair dye "L'Oreal".The palette of colors, the careful coloring, fashionable colors and a perfect result - that the reasons for the popularity of this cosmetic product.Those who took the paint "L'Oreal", make the choice once and for all.The company is engaged in continuous development in this area and released a new series of products, which provides a more stable coloring gray hair without damaging the hair structure and making them beautiful.