Laboratory GI GI.

Brand GIGI owns the largest Israeli company of the same name, which produces in its own laboratories Professional skin care products.The company exports its products to many countries.The marketing plan of the company is based on product promotion through professional beauticians.

Cosmetics GI GI, reviews of which are positive, it is a leader in the cosmetic market professional products for skin care and decorative funds in Israel.The founder of the pharmacologist and biochemist Elieyzer Landau formula developed using research and achievements in the field of dermatology, pharmacology, cosmetics, herbal medicine, as well as the experience of Eastern medicine.Cosmetics GI GI meets the needs of young skin and helps prevent age-related changes.

Modern technologies allow to improve the formula means and producing high quality products.The scientific approach, as well as control over security yavlyutsya distinguishing feature of the company "Laboratory GI GIĀ».Reviews of consumers say that after applyi

ng the skin to solve such problems as acne and its consequences, demodicosis, rosacea, abrasions, fibrous cellulite.As a result of eliminating the causes of these phenomena appearance of the face and body happy sostoyaniem.Krome its therapeutic effect, Israeli cosmetics GIGI purposefully struggling with existing wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones.Many of the company's resources are unique and perfectly cope with the tasks.The range of products cosmetics company from Israel has more than 500 types of funds for treatment and skin care.They are mainly used in beauty salons by professionals who are advised to continue care at home.In assortment there are also several types of peeling, solar and decorative cosmetics line.

selected products for every skin type.Experts make individual programs, which are complemented by means of a series of self-care.Laboratory GI GI, reviews about the positive developments which regularly updating and improving its formula products based on scientific research.Result after the application provided the right combination of natural ingredients and high biotechnology.The procedures for rejuvenation, conducted with the help of cosmetics GI GI (reviews confirm this), deserve special attention.

in laboratories designed line of professional care, which address issues related to age-related changes.The procedures are designed to hold their experts in a beauty parlor.Professional care is supplemented by the impact of the device on the skin "Quadro", which is the latest development specialists.All products manufacturer undergo strict quality control, which guarantees the safety of products and to achieve excellent results.