Create an evening make-up for blondes

create an evening make-up for blondes can use any color, and thus do not need to be afraid that the image would be vulgar.The main thing to consider is that the emphasis should be either on the lips or eyes.That is, it is necessary to select a bright lipstick or a saturated shade (thus necessarily applied to the eyelashes several layers of ink, to give them extra length and volume).

Now consider how to make the evening make-up for blondes, in more detail.


Before creating makeup, you should consider several important points that will help to create a really bright and beautiful image.For owners of light skin, opting for evening make-up for blondes, it is permissible to use both cold and warm colors.However, if the aim is to underline the eyes, you should pay attention to gray, blue, dark blue shades.This spectrum can be supplemented with cold purple and pink flowers.

In this case, pick up the red-brown, light crimson or light gray lipstick.If you plan to do not focus on the eyes, the li

ps to fit any boldest color.

women with golden skin to create an evening eye makeup for blondes should be using cosmetics cool colors: blue, lilac, pale pink.It is acceptable and this option: brown ink, augmented golden shadows.

dark-skinned blondes beige lipstick is recommended, but if you want to highlight the lips, you can select any red-brown shade.

now proceed directly to the creation of a make-up.

applying foundation

foundation makeup is essential, especially if you create an evening make-up for blondes.Firstly, it should be noted that the evening activities are conducted primarily in the dim light.So, makeup should be applied in certain lights.The base layer is applied to a dense, neatly aligned around the eyes.In the case of surplus, you can get rid of them with a napkin, but it must be done immediately.

Result fixed powder, preferably with a slight shimmer, as recommended by makeup artists.It will help get rid of the effect of uneven skin.

Summing eyebrows

make an evening makeup for blondes, do not set aside some eyebrows, it is simply impossible.They should be the ideal form, which should take care in advance on their own or see a specialist.Stand eyebrow pencil or dark shadows.


eyes Evening make-up, in most cases involves the use of saturated colors.Therefore, the shade is better to put a wet method, ie the brush should be pre-moistened.This method helps reveal shades maximum saturation thus depends on how much water will be used for the applicator.

Some women use shades of shadows corresponding to the color of the eyes.For example, the blue shadows for blue eyes.When you create an evening make-up is generally not acceptable.Here we must be guided by the contrasts, that is used for blue eyes brown, copper or gold shade.

eyes are very important to highlight the outline, this evening makeup for blondes (left) more profitable anyway.At the same time, the fatter the line, the eyes are expressive.

stained lashes

Particular attention should be paid to the eyelashes, they must stain very carefully at the roots while they applied a thick layer of mascara.You can attach false eyelashes around the eyes to create additional effect.

Select lips

Lipstick can choose any bright hue.To give a greater volume of the lips, is applied on top of colorless shine.When using light lipstick is necessary to make a clear path.