Napkins "Bronziada."

in the market of decorative cosmetics was interesting and unique product of its kind for tanning - swipe "Bronziada.""Originally," he's from sunny Spain, and the name that has become synonymous, there is a brand name.These wipes are positioned as an alternative to a solarium, a natural tan, and as the best means of tanning.Interestingly, the "Bronziada" User feedback has earned yet ambiguous.It excites even more interest in this product.Let's find out what is this "beast" is.

«Bronziada" -avtozagar: price, quality

tool packed in a box of rectangular shape out of construction paper.Inside it are self-tanning wipes (4, 8 pcs.).The manufacturer claims that the submitted product - 100% natural product that consists of natural materials (natural fibers).Napkins "Bronziada", the price of which may vary, are sold in pharmacies and retail stores.The cost of the product ranges from 100 to 650 rubles per pack.

Action and composition tools

«Bronziada" is positioned as an excellent wetting agent, acting

on the horny layers of the epidermis.For it is in the special complex, part of the napkin.Its effect is expressed in long-lasting hydration of the skin, increasing the softness, smoothness and velvety skin.Interestingly, the "Bronziada", reviews of which are given below, and is still a rejuvenating agent.Part of the tocopherol (vitamin E) neutralizes processes involving free radicals, slows down aging of the skin, restores and maintains youth, beauty skin.

Actives "Bronziady»

Many people wonder about what the substance as part of the means provides the same tanning effect.Since "Bronziada" - means of natural components, sunburn is also obtained by natural, natural reactions.They occur during the interaction of the active substance napkins - dihydroxyacetone (substance derived from sugar cane) - with proteins and amino acids of keratin skin, which leads to the formation of a new substance melanoidin.It is known that gives the skin surface color, close to natural, natural tan.We must remember that "Bronziada" is not a protective agent against burns and UV radiation.

«Bronziada."Reviews and application

One swipe is enough for the face area (avoid contact with the eyelids), neck and neck.Further, for maintenance can be 1 to 4 times of the day to repeat the procedure.To tan more quickly appeared, and his tone was more crowded, napkin (new) necessary to impose 3 hours after the first procedure.The effect appears after 2-3 hours.Additionally, it is recommended to peel the body to tan more quickly "seized."The effect of the procedure lasts up to 4 days.Some products have no contraindications, so you can often use the napkins "Bronziada."Reviews more positive as buyers, they note that tanning does not leave stains on the skin, does not have a specific smell, leaves no residue on clothes, has a uniform structure and natural coloring, natural look.Negative feedback is also there, but they are few.Everything is very individual.