Step by step instructions on how to align the tone of the face

Smooth, beautiful and natural skin tone - one of the criteria of feminine beauty.Unfortunately, not everyone can achieve such results.Here are some secrets of how to align the tone of the face and achieve the ultimate goal.

Secret №1 - peeling

formation of dead cells on the skin surface - a natural phenomenon, but because of his skin becomes dull, looks unhealthy.In addition, toners falls unevenly, moisturizers are not absorbed properly, eventually makeup looks sloppy.

To make peeling face at home, use a scrub suitable skin.You can resort to the services of beauty salons, offering treatments chemical peels, microdermabrasion, peels beta-alpha-hydroxy.

Secret №2 - preparation skin

on different moisturized skin toners, in particular, cream, smoothing skin tone and tonal foundations, much better lie.Today, especially popular are the foundations, which are applied by means of containing SPF-filter.It can be replaced moisturizer having a part of such a component, in extreme cases, to use the

usual moisturizer, but then have to wait for some time, that it is well absorbed into the skin, usually it takes 10-20 minutes.

Secret №3 - evens skin tone

One of the most important moments in the question of how to align the tone of the face - the application of a moisturizing agent or toner tonal framework (the first option is more transparent and invisible).Prerequisite - Match colored face and cream, mousse, etc.Otherwise, the tool will be applied significantly, the desired result is achieved.

skin tone should be only on problem areas, in most cases it is the forehead, chin and nose - T-zone.

Secret №4 - remove defects, redness and under eye circles

To align the skin tone without the elimination of such blunders?It is simply impossible.They are eliminated with the help of the corrector - masking agent with a creamy consistency.It is simply applied to the problem areas and then hammered his fingertips lightly tapping on the skin.Rub it should not be!

Secret №5 - prepare eyelids

Even if the application is not meant forever shadows, they need to be put in order, otherwise how to align the tone of the face?In most cases, the beauty of this area of ​​the port bluish veins - veins.They are hiding with the help of a tonal framework.Due to the fact that the skin is very thin, the agent should be applied in small quantities, otherwise there will be noticeable only correction, but there will be additional lines, but the skin will get an unnatural appearance.

Secret №6 - making dolls from human

After all the adjustments complexion is uniform and a doll to give it a "humanity" should resort to the use of bronzer powder or cream blush (however, if morelike conventional paint, they also work, but only if the woman knows how to use them well, and even more shade).You can apply if you wish both means.For the application of powder puff or a suitable fluffy brush, it is necessary to cover the forehead, nose and cheeks.Blush should be in the range of "apples" - the center of the cheeks to the jaw.Once again, it should pay attention to a very important point - you need good feather!

Secret №7 - fix result

How to even out skin tone the person without fixing the result?Previously, without this step does not do any make-up artist, today, this moment could be lost, although the vast majority of experts still insist on it.For this purpose the powder, which is applied in a thin layer on the face.

eventually ...

If all the recommendations have been complied with, the person has taken a fresh and natural look, you can start applying cosmetics.It should be noted that after such a procedure may simply touch up the eyelashes, this will suffice.The complexion and so perfect, extra emphasis may be avoided.