The idea of ​​makeup for any occasion

If you want to change your familiar face for some reason, the idea will help make-up, which will emphasize the dignity and hide flaws or to create a new image.Below are the main ways to help emphasize the natural beauty.This is the same idea of ​​make-up may involve the use of various shades of shadows.This means that by using only one method, it is possible to create multiple images.Well, proceed.

Clarification century under the eyebrows

Many professional makeup artists use this method.Under the most eyebrow stripe is applied to white or very light shades and slightly shaded down to create beautiful borders between the two tones.This idea of ​​make-up will help to visually lift the eyebrow, eyelid thus will appear larger, it looks to become more open.

This option is relevant when using dark shadows or lighter shades.In addition, the lighting plot eyebrows suitable for everyday makeup day and for evening.

Dodge area in the middle of rolling century

This method will give a view certai

n mystique.In this make-up you can use the same shade of colors, but different shades and / or tone, or completely different.In any case, the result is excellent.The center can be distinguished luster.Prerequisite - shading, that is a smooth transition from one color to another.

this way can be advantageous to introduce the small, narrow, deep-set eyes.They will become more expressive, will get an extra kick.By the way, many of the ideas of the evening make-up based on the principle drawing shadows.Chance of sharp contrast between shade and color in the center of the decision on the sides, but definitely need a shading.

Dark Shadows

great option for young women, as if centuries have excess skin, so makeup will not have the desired effect, on the contrary, may even damage the image and look tasteless and vulgar.

Dark Shadows emphasize a beautiful shape and the size of the eye, give a look sensuality and warmth.At the same time, you can use one shade or combine several.It all depends on the preferences of women and create an image.

bright shade

Many summer makeup ideas involve the use of bright shades.This can be used one shade, and shade applied around the century or more that will flow smoothly from one to another.

bright shade freshen the face, give the impression of lightness image, so this option is ideal for the warm season.While some women use this technique to create and daily make-up, which is also quite acceptable.

Shading century from the outer corner of the eyebrow

This idea of ​​makeup used for sagging eyelids.Shadows are applied to the outer corner of the eyebrow to the crease, it is advisable to make sure that is closer to the color of his eyebrows was more intense and darker, and closer to the bottom - light.On the mobile eyelid to apply a lighter shade, the boundary between the shaded shades to avoid a sharp transition, which may give the impression of negligence, vulgarity and bad taste.

dark line on the lower eyelid

If the lower eyelid applied strip of dark pencil, eyes become more expressive, so this technique is often used when creating evening makeup.However, it has its drawback - the size of the eye visually becomes a little smaller, so use this technique is best for women with big eyes.

Finally it should be noted that the creation of a make-up, even if it is casual, must be approached responsibly, to think through all the details, since the brightness of the selected colors and ending with their combination of attire.In addition, we should not get stuck on one solution - experiments have not harmed anyone, but it is advisable to try a new version of previously, as before work or some triumph to eliminate possible shortcomings may not be enough time.