Do children's cosmetics for girls?

If you are the girl's parents, you probably know how early a charming princess takes an interest in her mother's makeup.This is not surprising - after all, you grow a real woman, for which in the future having a good makeup will be very important.But what do you do now?To put up with constant "revisions" cosmetic?Or buy for the girls special cosmetics for children?

It's no secret that kids' fashion - this is a separate branch of the fashion industry.Every fashion house offers a popular children's line of contemporary clothing, which is fully consistent with the trend of the season.We can say that the same thing happens with children's cosmetics.On the shelves of stores in a huge range represented by children's cosmetics for girls - shadow, lipstick, nail polish.Many companies have already become popular - "Princess", "Bratz", "Little Fairy", "Disney", "Barbie" - are serious and not a children's fight for the right to be the first in her purse at the charming princess.

products of these companies ar

e not only a variety of colors, but also bright and original packaging - it is very important for girls to receive a gift box of colorful heart-shaped with colorful tubes and jars inside.

What is the difference between children's cosmetics for girls from an adult?And there are these differences?The main difference - a small resistance of such products - it is easily washed off.Even nail polishes that look just like "adult" are safe for your child paint that after the "grand exit" washed off with plain water and soap.

Baby Care for girls creates age-appropriate baby's skin - sensitivity, tendency to allergic reactions and its characteristics to absorb everything that is put on it.That is why good cosmetics for girls are always light and gentle.In its production using only natural components - plant extracts, oils, waxes.The contents of synthetic components of irritation is minimized.For example, a child cosmetics contains no alcohol, and the lipstick 10 times less dye than in the adult equivalent.

Baby Care for girls should be not only beautiful, but also firmly packed.For example, the girl did not hurt his eyes, causing the shadow applicator, many manufacturers make them such that they applied with your finger, and perfume bottles are made of plastic.

Baby Care for girls "Princess" pleases its charming young admirers since 2003.All products are brightly and colorfully packaged.In addition, it contains a much-loved little girls gifts and surprises in the form of cards or boxes, locks.It is absolutely safe children's cosmetics for girls.Sets spirits, shadows, varnishes, lipsticks enthrall young fashionistas.

Cosmetics "Little Fairy" is allowed to use the girls to three years.It includes vitamins and plant extracts.These cosmetics are known in the Russian market since 1998.